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SATIRE: Foul odor takes over computer lab

Mysterious Individual W-reeking Havoc in Fifth Floor Computer Lab

This school year, new computers were built and placed in the Digital Imaging room on the fifth-floor. These computers were built for the many e-sports teams at Jones. Students enrolled in any video and image editing classes can also use them for faster and better production. Recently, according to many students, the room has been taken over by an intense and fierce musk. 

Digital Imaging II student, Fera Max ‘24, was the first case of a person passing out due to the intense musk that overtook the classroom.

“I was going into my class for first period like I always do. I’m usually the first person in the classroom as I get dropped off really early. As soon as I opened the door, my nose scrunched up and my nostrils started burning. I fell to my knees as I grasped for air.” said Max. 

Max then says that she had seen a person in the corner who she had never seen before in her class or at school.

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“I looked around to see if I could get help and all I saw was a person in the corner playing what seemed to look like League of Legends. I had never seen this kid before, he wasn’t part of the class.” said Max. “He was filled with pimples and you could see the neck grease gleaming as the fluorescent lights shone upon it. Then the world seemed to crumble and I passed out,” 

After the incident, the person seemed to have disappeared. Head of Security at Jones, Theo D. Rant, scoured the cameras trying to find this reeking individual.

“I looked over the cameras on the fifth floor and the stairs, trying to match the description of the student but there was nothing. There was a suspicious moment at around 3 in the morning when a cloaked figure stood outside the Digital Imaging classroom but then the camera stopped working. We are looking further into the situation and will get to the bottom of who this is,” said Rant. 

The art teachers responsible for the classroom, Mrs. Suzanne Makol Zamudio and Mr. Jake Myers, have decided to close it down until the smell can be purged due to another student fainting.

“It was a tough choice since our best editing equipment is in that classroom and the computers are great for the class, but for the safety of the students, we have decided to close the classroom for now,” said Mrs. Makol. “The intense smell, mixed with the heat emitting from the computers while they are working is not a good combination and is causing it to become worse.” 

Hazard workers came in on Wednesday afternoon once students left the building to eliminate the intense, disgusting smell that still lingered in the classroom. 

Haz Ard, one of the workers that came in to help says that this is the worst job he’s ever had to do.

“It took AGES to finally get rid of that disgusting smell!” says Ard. “I’ve worked in so many jobs worse than this on paper, but being here and experiencing this- this smell was insane. We had a couple of our guys pass out while being in hazmat suits! How does that even work? Whoever did this is a criminal to the human nose and should take a shower immediately!”

Now that the foul odor has been extinguished from the classroom, classes and ac lab activities can now resume. 

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