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Leo Necheles '22, Co-Editor-In-Chief
September 1, 2021
Andy Carlos-Tamez ‘21 (right) plays the conga drums in a Ravinia Jazz Showcase last year. 
Photo courtesy of Andy Carlos-Tamez ‘21

Still feeling the beat

Madeline Fitzgerald '22, Lifestyles Editor
December 10, 2020

We wish you a virtual Christmas

Gabi Josefson '23, Lifestyles Staff
December 7, 2020
A student poses for Rejuvenated Jeans. Photo courtesy of Cole Francis '22

Creative for a cause

Guinevere MacLowry '22, Lifestyles Staff
December 3, 2020
Alice in a virtual wonderland

Alice in a virtual wonderland

Akira Sinnott '22, Lifestyles Staff
November 21, 2020

Mailing out the vote

Sam Tedrowe '21, Lead Reporter
November 20, 2020

Another point of view

Josh Lazar '21, Sports Editor
November 19, 2020
Graphic by Guinevere MacLowry '22

Poll working in a pandemic

Guinevere MacLowry '22, Lifestyles Staff
November 18, 2020
Drawing by Fiona Kogan '22

In it to win it

Carrigan Garrity '22, School Editor
July 28, 2020
AN EMPTY “L” | A CTA train comes out of Adams / Wabash station on April 24th. Rail ridership has dropped 87 percent since Illinois began its shelter-in-place measures.

The next stop

Griffin Bassett '20, Lifestyles Editor
June 9, 2020
Photo by Maddie Fitzgerald '22

Alone together

Madeline Fitzgerald '22, Lifestyles Staff
June 9, 2020
Looking forward: a young girl listens intently to the speakers onstage. (Photo courtesy of @causetheeffectchicago)

A force to be reckoned with

Simone Garber '22, School Staff
December 13, 2019
Elisa Almanza '20 gives their speech,

A place on the stage

Doniya Boyd '21, School Staff
January 29, 2019
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