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A refreshing ranking

A detailed ranking of every Jones water fountain
Photos by Annette Walker and Calvin Beckert


As the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, hydration becomes much more important. Let’s take a trip across all of Jones College Prep and rank every water fountain together so you get in the know of all the best and worst hydration stations.

17th Place | Third Floor New Building (Choir Rooms) | 0/10

With terrible water pressure and water as warm as bath water, the fountains on the third floor which are closer to the choir classrooms are arguably the worst in the school. The chances of drinking out of this fountain and being met with cold water are slim to none.

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16th Place | Third Floor New Building (Stairs)|  1/10

While slightly better than its sister fountain close to the choir room, the fountain by the stairs was still extremely disappointing. This fountain also had intensely warm water, and a tangy, metallic taste which lingers in your mouth after drinking.

15th Place | The Link | 1/10

 This fountain’s water pressure was so bad that our lips nearly touched the fountain when drinking. The fountain used to fill up water bottles was broken, nearly falling apart with a weak stream of water.

14th Place | Lobby | 2/10

While cold water is a necessity in the lobby after a long trek from the old building, this water was very warm,leaving a strange taste in your mouth. The water pressure on the fountain for filling up water bottles was so strong, there was water all over the floor and wall, making the overall vibes of the fountain feel gross and wet.

13th Place | Third Floor Old Building | 2/10

Although the water pressure of this fountain is impressive, the water was nearly hot, and the taste was so strong and metallic, it tasted like drinking straight lead. Steer clear of this water fountain unless you want your body to have a negative reaction.

12th Place | Seventh Floor New Building | 3/10

Right next to the swimming pool, this fountain has some of the worst water pressure in the school. Even when pressing the button as hard as possible, the water still barely comes out. The water is warm, and it had a slightly milky, white color when we sampled it. 

11th Place | Counselor’s Corner | 3/10

In a bit of a hidden spot next to the vending machine, this fountain had one of the warmest temperatures out of all the others, although the water pressure was impressive and the taste was clean.

10th Place | Sixth Floor Old Building | 4/10

A metallic taste/aftertaste, water which is far from being cold, and water barely coming out are all features of the fountain next to the biology classrooms. This was the first water we sampled and set a bad start to our research.

9th Place | Second Floor Old Building | 4/10

The metallic taste in this fountain is definitely there, but not as noticeable as other fountains in the old building. The water was not too warm, although the water didn’t come out very well.

8th Place | Fifth Floor Old Building | 4.5/10

With EXTREME metallic taste and aftertaste, this fountain could definitely be improved. However, the water pressure of this fountain was the best in the old building, and the water was not too hot.

7th Place | 5th Floor New Building | 4.75/10

This water fountain has been hit or miss over the years. Despite its aging infrastructure, many have flocked to it as a resort of ice cold water and crystal clear flavor. However, when sampled, it failed to live up to expectations. The water pressure was not adequate and the temperature was lukewarm at best. To make matters worse, loose hairs were found in the drain. Not ideal.

6th Place | 4th Floor Old Building | 5/10

The old building water fountains have never been known for their quality, but this water fountain may have been the best out of an untalented pack. Water pressure disappointed as per usual, but the taste was not bad, and the temperature was warm but at least passable. Not an ideal option, but good compared to its old building peers.

5th Place | North Cafeteria | 6/10

As one of the only water fountains in the old building that is updated to match its new building peers, this water fountain had high expectations. Although it was not as pristine as it could be, the pressure was adequate, temperature at least somewhat cold, and the taste relatively clean. The filter displayed a bright orange light, signaling that it may soon need a new filter. This was concerning to see, but other than that, this was an okay fountain. Not anyone’s first choice, but okay.

4th Place | 6th Floor New Building | 6.25/10

This water fountain often only comes to those after a lengthy jaunt up the new building stairs, and it satiates the thirst from the long journey nicely. The water pressure was simply immaculate and contends as the best location for water pressure in the entire school. Temperature disappointed a bit, but was cold enough to pass, and the taste had nothing knocking it whatsoever. Not perfect, but a bright light.

3rd Place | 2nd Floor New Building | 7/10

This water fountain is largely known for how busy it can get during the school day. Located in the cross section of the stairwell down to the first floor and busy South Cafeteria, many see it as the best water fountain in the school. Although it is outdone by just 2 others, this water fountain offers great water pressure, a green filter light, and decently cold water. There may be just a slight metallic taste to it, but that can be overlooked by the relative adequacy of its other qualities.

2nd Place | 4th Floor New | 8/10

The 4th floor new building water fountain was something of a paradise. The water was crisp and our first cold water experience of the entire day. It was like something from the arctic, and was a reprieve of our previous woes. The only constraint was the lack of a functioning water bottle dispenser, knocking it down a peg. But don’t be fooled, this water fountain is nothing short of pristine.

1st Place | Weight Room South | 10/10

Wow. Just wow. No words. It’s perfect. Like something from a crisp arctic waterfall, it was truly refreshing. The water was crisp and cold, and the taste was nothing short of delectable. This goes well after a hard workout and can truly pick up a day no matter how bad. It is simply perfect.

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