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College Confidentials Episode 3




Blueprint School Editor Sabine Kanter-Hutching ’23 talks with Lifestyles Reporter Charlotte Quinn ’25 about “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck.


Blueprint Editor-in-Chief Norah Hendrickson ’23 sits down with Library Ambassador Nora to discuss the novel “Maus” by Art Spiegelman and the controversy surrounding it.


Blueprint School Editor Sabine Kanter-Huchting ’23 interviews Lifestyles Reporter Conny LaFlamme ’24 about “Flamer” by Mike Curato.


Sports editor, Jason Bernstein, sits down with head coach, Dave Rosene, to discuss the baseball team’s predicted success.

Lifestyle reporter Alisha Verma interviews a mehndi artist in India to learn more about her craft. Written and spoken by Alisha Verma, recorded and edited by Meghan Cuddy, and written and recorded by Norah Hendrickson.

Sports reporter Isabella Guzman sits down with Varsity Girls Cross Country coach and runner to look back at the team’s successful season.

Listen in for a discussion about the wild finish March Madness and a special performance by the Jones Treble Tones, the JCP women’s A cappella group.

0:00-0:25- Intro

0:25-11:19- March Madness Recap

11:26-15:15- Treble Tones Performance

15:15-15:35- Outro

Listen in for a discussion about the Super Bowl and an uncertain future for the Chicago Bears, a review of the Super Bowl halftime show, surviving the winter blues, and reality shows.

0:00-0:45: Intro

0:45-10:46: NFL Discussion

10:59-18:40: Super Bowl Halftime Show

18:52-26:59: Surviving Quarantine

27:11-36:01: Reality TV Reviews

36:03-37:22: Outro

Listen in to hear about the flaws of Netflix, the Chicago Bears, a brand new NBA season, the toxicity of Tiktok, and more!

0:00-0:38: Intro

0:38-9:09: Discussion on Netflix

9:14-18:12: Bears out of playoffs… what’s in their future?

18:12-28:08: New young Bulls lineup and thoughts on the NBA season so far

28:19-41:32: Tiktok may not be as great as it seems

41:32-42:18: Outro