Listen in for a discussion about the Super Bowl and an uncertain future for the Chicago Bears, a review of the Super Bowl halftime show, surviving the winter blues, and reality shows.

0:00-0:45: Intro

0:45-10:46: NFL Discussion

10:59-18:40: Super Bowl Halftime Show

18:52-26:59: Surviving Quarantine

27:11-36:01: Reality TV Reviews

36:03-37:22: Outro

Listen in to hear about the flaws of Netflix, the Chicago Bears, a brand new NBA season, the toxicity of Tiktok, and more!

0:00-0:38: Intro

0:38-9:09: Discussion on Netflix

9:14-18:12: Bears out of playoffs… what’s in their future?

18:12-28:08: New young Bulls lineup and thoughts on the NBA season so far

28:19-41:32: Tiktok may not be as great as it seems

41:32-42:18: Outro