Parents attempt to get a glimpse of the competition inside Lane Tech field after being forced outside due to COVID-19 protocol.

Stop playing the blame game

Leo Necheles '22, Associate Editor, Print
December 17, 2020
A man leads a chant to CTU, SEIU protestors on the first day of the strike last year. Photo by Josh Blustein '20.

Let the students speak

Ava Thompson '21 and Amara Alexander '21
December 14, 2020
Should we play basketball?

Should we play basketball?

Tommy Cleland '21, Sports Staff
December 8, 2020
Graphic by Akira Sinnott '22

Take the ‘cancel’ out of our ‘culture’

Akira Sinnott '22, Lifestyles Staff
December 7, 2020

Doing all we can

Doniya Boyd '21, Managing Editor
December 3, 2020

An endless blur

Leo Necheles '22, Associate Editor, Print
December 3, 2020
Biden provides hope for young people

Biden provides hope for young people

Gabi Josefson '23, Lifestyles Staff
November 17, 2020
Graphic by Fiona Kogan '22

A letter to adults

Leo Necheles '22, Associate Editor, Print
October 1, 2020
Learning from afar: I take part in remote learning from the comfort of my home.

Lather, rinse, repeat

Simone Garber '22, School Staff
June 13, 2020
Drawing by Fiona Kogan '22

Faults in foreign language

Carrigan Garrity '22, Lifestyles Staff
June 9, 2020

Social distancing is a privilege

Katherine Williams '20, Associate Editor, Print
June 9, 2020
Photo by Snapchat user Maggie Nguyen.

Don’t bite the hand that Instagram feeds you

Savannah Clark '20, Lifestyles Editor
June 9, 2020
Drawing by Fiona Kogan ‘22

Size blind

Madeline Fitzgerald '22, Lifestyles Staff
June 9, 2020

Stocked and loaded

Charlotte Manier '20, Lifestyles Staff
April 4, 2019
Mark your calendars; August 2-5 is when the festival starts in Grant Park


June 5, 2018
Jones runners Jeremy Brown '18, Ryan Desantis '20, AJ Fundator '19, and Nicholas Rappe '18 (left to right) warm up for the race with drills

Running on sunshine

Nicholas Rappe'18
April 24, 2018
Students wander through the caves of Iceland.

Ice, ice, baby

Olivia Landgraff '18, Lifestyles Editor
April 18, 2018
French students pose for a group photo in Morocco.

Multilingualism of Morocco

Maggie Trovato '19, School Staff
April 18, 2018
Temple running through India

Temple running through India

Ezra Weber '18, Sports Staff
April 18, 2018
Students huddled around friends' computers to watch first round games during school Thursday and Friday

Let’s dance

Carter Frye '19 and Jeremiah Williams '18
March 19, 2018
Apathetic is pathetic

Apathetic is pathetic

Lane Kizziah '18, Managing Editor
March 19, 2018
Walking out for likes

Walking out for likes

Katherine Williams '20, Lifestyles Staff
March 19, 2018
Signs and chants were used by students to send their message to the public

Stronger together

Anna Nedoss '18, Lifestyles Editor
March 15, 2018
Everything from fidget spinners to are things to leave behind in 2017

Trends that we’re saying goodbye to in 2018

Eryn Barnes '19, School Staff
January 16, 2018

It’s a Jones thing…right?

Nicholas Rappe '18, Associate Editor, Online
November 10, 2017

Thanksgiving: time for food and football

Ezra Weber '18, Design Staff
November 10, 2017
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