Boys’ Golf Team Awarded 2nd Place in City

Winning the previous five city championships, the Jones’ Boy’s Golf team qualified for City Championship. With a 5-4 record in the regular season, the boys were focused on winning city for the sixth year in a row. With the regular season in the books, they were mainly revolved around victory in city finals.

Recently, the boy’s golf team won the Chicago Invitational with victories over Lincoln Park, Von Steuben, Lane Tech, Northside College Prep, and Francis W. Parker. Golfer Will Macellaio was eager to win city.

The team fell short to Whitney Young at the city championship, leaving them in second place overall in the city. Of the five teams in the City Tournament; Whitney Young,  Jones, Northside, Lane, and Lincoln Park, four teams qualified for city finals. Macellaio said, “ I’m proud of making it to city finals, but I was more determined to win city.”  Macellaio and his teammates wanted to keep their streak going.

Falling short this year at City Finals, the Jones’ Boy’s Golf team ended their season with a tough loss that ended their five year streak at winning city. The team is looking forward to next year, as they wish to one day be top of the city again.