LSC or LSAdmin?

Jones’ local school council needs to let admin do its job

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) started the Local School Councils (LSC) because they wanted parents and community members to be involved in the decision-making process of schools as it pertains to student’s learning. LSCs were not created to micromanage the existent administration of each school. Yet, I think the Jones’ LSC has its own opinion on how it wants things to be done. 

It is the LSC’s way or the highway here at Jones, which is overbearing and unnecessary. What is the point of having a school administration when the LSC wants to make all of the decisions to paint Jones in its own image? I whole-heartedly disagree with the LSC’s micromanagement of the Jones administration, as they can no longer do their jobs with clear conscience without the LSC breathing down their neck. 

According to Chicago Public Schools, “Comprised of parents, community, educational, and student members, LSCs serve as an important vehicle for participatory democracy, providing a wide variety of stakeholders an opportunity to make important decisions about how students in their communities will be educated.” LSCs are supposed to work in conjunction with the administration of the school. Instead, at Jones, it is a competition.

So, what exactly is the role of the LSC? Is it to meet with the actual administration and form a plan of action together that will better the already difficult lives of students? Or, is it to meet with administrators for hours on hours and argue about small issues like purchasing a new batting cage for student-athletes? I understand some issues at Jones need to be argued about for hours, but my goodness can the administration please get some breathing room?

And then we have the racism claims. It may be uncomfortable to talk about, but it is necessary because of the negative effect it has on students at Jones. At Jones, the LSC thinks that just because an administrator doesn’t do something the way LSC prefers, that administrator is racist and should be gone forthwith. As a young African American male, I find it very interesting how a mostly white LSC can blame an administrator for being racist without talking to the students of color. I myself have never had a racist remark uttered to me, nor have I ever thought any administrator didn’t want me at Jones. If anything, the Jones administration has increased how much attention they give to all its students and their groups equally. 

We have student representatives that actually attend classes at Jones. Those are the people that should have a larger impact in the counsel rather than the arbitrary collection of adults arguing for hours over issues inside of our school they aren’t even a part of. For example, the LSC is arguing over a new history book for the students, yet none of the LSC members have taken the class with the old or prospective new book. Newsflash: the students aren’t reading that book regardless. I am not saying things don’t need to be updated, I am simply saying that the people that have a say in updating our materials should be using the materials.

LSC, please stop wasting your time going back and forth with administration, and talk to the students you are supposed to be representing. Ask them what can LSC and administrators do together to make the Jones community better. How can we support you? It’s not a competition, so stop acting like the big bosses of Jones and do what you were created to do.