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Dear class of ‘24

Quick little reminder before you leave us
Graphic from Edmund Burke Academy
Graphic from Edmund Burke Academy

Dear seniors,

 First of all, I would like to acknowledge how proud we all are of you guys. We have had front-row seats to the stress of college applications, the relief of getting into a college, and the heartbreak of being rejected from your dream school. Your hard work is finally paying off and we could not be happier for you. However, just a quick question, what are we supposed to do without you next year?

You all have been a guiding light through our high school experience. Whenever it was when we felt cool and special that we were friends with sophomores as freshmen, or this year by luck of a seating chart, you came into our lives and changed it for the better. There was always someone to ask about what classes we should take next year or what classes we should drop because the teacher gave a lot of homework. You were the athletes we looked up to and the people we followed when we did not know where to go. 

Now, of course, we have already lost the senior classes of ‘22 and ‘23, and it should be the same moving on from you as it was from them, but it is not. You have been with us since our first day of school. We had our homecoming together in the cafeteria during our freshman year. We have had three years to bond and get to know each other. Now you’re just leaving. You are moving on with your life and leaving us with people we constantly complain about. You get to close a chapter on a part of your lives we are not done with, a part that includes us. 

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Another dread is all the memories that are about to be made without us. Prom, graduation, the span from May 24-June 6 that we are still stuck in school. You’re moving on, but please do not forget about us. The hallways are going to be so unbelievably empty next year. We always knew the people in the grade above us, but barely knew the sophomore and freshman classes. We are going to be forced to “watch your life in pictures” while we are stuck in the classes you always talked about. 

The moral of the story is that we are going to miss you. No matter if we just started to become friends or have known you since our freshman year. Classes, teams, pep rallies, and even the hallways will not be the same. How are we supposed to cope with the fact that you are going from a 50 feet walk in the hallway to a 721-mile drive. Nevertheless, we are insanely proud of you and can not wait to see what you will accomplish. 



Class of ‘25

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