Not a Fight Club

Jones Boxing Club becomes official 

The Jones Boxing Club has found a sponsor in Yoni Vallecillo, a Math teacher at Jones, and is now an official club at the school.

Now that Eagle Boxing is an official club, they are able to receive funding from the school which will allow the club to invest in better safety equipment.

“I don’t have concerns with safety anymore because we’re getting head guards,” said Thomas Czerwien ‘22, a member of the club. “I’m excited for more materials. When we were unofficial we only had 2 pairs of gloves and 2 hand wraps.”

Safety concerns were one of the more pressing issues for the persistent demand to make Eagle Boxing club official. With boxing being a high contact sport, protection gear is vital for student wellbeing. 

“It’s safe as long as you follow the rules and have critical thinking skills,” said Aidan Callow ‘22, the leader of the club. “There is a stigma that people just come to fight, which certainly is not true. We try to introduce boxing as a discipline of education rather than a sport.”

Even before the club became official, there was growing interest coming from the student body. With Eagle Boxing being an official club now it’s members are expecting the club to grow even more. 

“Now that the club is official I am excited to see more permanent members, it was inconsistent before.” said Czerwein. “The club is just interesting, there’s no other club that offers this type of experience.”

Although it’s primary focus is boxing, that is not the only aspect the club has to offer. It also markets itself as a high-exercise activity and a great way to “let loose”.

“I always wanted to do a sport, but I didn’t have enough time,” said Johan Martinez ‘22. “This club fits my schedule and doesn’t interfere with my academics.

Some of the Club’s members also come for the interesting experience of trying a new activity.

“People show up because of their interest in the sport, or they just want to do something new that they have not tried before,” said Callow

The club is open to all newcomers and has spawned a sense of community among its members.

“I know all of the people and I enjoy the community,” said Martinez. “I enjoy fighting in a safe space, and I think people will come because it’s something that people will easily get used to and doesn’t require a lot of prior experience.”

Eagle Boxing has gone through a lot of changes and struggles to  become an official club but now that it’s here they have big plans for the future.

“I wanted to do something new,” said Callow. “The club holds others in regard to their character and skill rather than just picking up gloves and fighting.”