CPS cancels sports until further notice

Athletes caught off guard by surprising update


Last month, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) canceled all winter sports until further notice due to a rise in COVID-19 cases. 

Due to the surge, CPS and Illinois High Schools Association (IHSA)  made multiple decisions for this season. Basketball and wrestling were already postponed. This new decision postpones bowling, boys swimming and diving, competitive dance, and competitive cheerleading.

I think we will have an outdoor season that would include soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball, track, and tennis. We were able to successfully do cross country and tennis in the fall without a hitch. Girls swimming was also able to finish the fall season as well. It’s the indoor sports that are in question,” said Jones athletic director, Frank Griseto.  “The coaches have been very upbeat and are ready to go if and when their season gets the okay.” 

 Due to the nature of indoor sports, social distancing will be difficult, possibly posing risk to athletes and officials.  

 “I don’t think that spring will be an option in that there are already water polo seasons scheduled for the spring,” said swimming coach Paul Anderson. “Pool space will become an issue and fitting it all in will be a tough task.”

Despite disagreements between Illinois Gov. J.B Pritzker, IHSA, and CPS, the athletes remain optimistic. Athletes continue to train on their own and try to meet as a team virtually to form connections. .

I believe that the season will commence in the Spring time,” said bowling team captain, Gavin Ursetta ‘21.“Hopefully Chicago’s cases will be back down to levels we saw in May and June, so that IHSA will let us compete againI am confident that they will allow us to return in March or April when Chicagoans are confident in the COVID-19 vaccines.”