Seth Bartusek ’17
When I’m not leading these clowns here at the Blueprint, I spend lots of my time watching long biographical films about horses (i.e. Seabiscuit, Secretariat, War Horse, Flicka, the Black Stallion,  Black Beauty, the Derby Stallion, Flicka 2, Hidalgo). I spend hours sitting in meadows reading classic American literature and pondering the ethical questions brought up in The Walking Dead. I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and that there should be a constitutional amendment against the rubber gloves of TSA agents. I have never visited Foot Locker, and do not plan to in the next twenty years.

I personally enjoy the awkward jokes made by teachers when they’re handing out quizzes. Occasionally, I will end up walking in on a couple sitting together having a quiet conversation and am forced to make a hasty exit. I use mechanical pencils whenever possible due to the lead in normal pens which has a particular talent in breaking whilst I am writing. I find electronica concerts hard to understand due to their extremely varied visual language. I have never seen an opera in person and rarely listen to them in my free time.

Throughout this year I hope to pursue my enjoyment of Kevin Costner’s oddly enthralling acting. I will continue to try to convince people that articles written by The Onion are true. Oh yeah, and looking for factual inaccuracies in Rambo 2. I’d love to meet William Shatner, and ask him some biographic questions, one of which being “what is your opinion on the Duck-Billed Platypus?” I have a really hard time buying things at Panera, and would like to implore the reader to put question marks on statements whenever possible. I have always wondered why we use three ellipsis when we trail off…

Seth Bartusek '17, Editor-in-Chief

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