Cedeno plays for a nationally ranked soccer program.

Can’t Stop Cedeno

November 23, 2014

Sophie Brooks '16 Practicing her jump shot

Winter Sports Preview

November 23, 2014

Stitched dollars

Marimar Gutierrez '15, Lifestyle Staff

October 22, 2014

Administration in past years has made a runway out of the halls by providing dresses to girls with economic need. Donations from staff, students, parents and community partners make this happen.

Art By: Elizabeth Telegina

Growing Pains

October 17, 2014

Time Crunch

Miles Littleton '16, Lifestyle Staff

October 17, 2014

Andrew Walker '16 gets home at around 12:30 AM from a tiring night of busing tables at Home Run Inn where he works for hours straight. When he finally gets home, he barely has time to finish his homework and is tired the next...

Black Student Union aims to be “safe haven”

Onna Coleman '15, School Staff

October 17, 2014

           Last year, the African American club closed down. Feeling that the African American population of Jones lost its voice, Ni’Schele Jackson’15 and Amirah Loury‘15 created the Black Student Union, to restore th...

Boys’ Golf Team Awarded 2nd Place in City

Cristian Espinoza '16, Sports Staff

October 17, 2014

Winning the previous five city championships, the Jones’ Boy’s Golf team qualified for City Championship. With a 5-4 record in the regular season, the boys were focused on winning city for the sixth year in a row. With the...

New year, new teachers

New year, new teachers

October 15, 2014