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Welcoming Ms. Dixon

Jones welcomes new assistant principal, Ms. Dixon
Welcoming Ms. Dixon

On March 5, Principal Dolan welcomed our newest assistant principal, Eboni Dixon to the Jones community. 

With years of experience, Dixon is ready to hit the ground running when it comes to Jones’ success.
“I’ve been in education for more than fifteen years. My elementary and high school were CPS schools. I went to Whistler Elementary,” said Dixon. “I graduated from Morgan Park and I was always involved in different activities. Softball, swimming, cheerleading, student government, and film studies throughout the year.”

Dixon’s leadership roles in school influenced her pathway to success.

“Student government was a big thing. Our administration at Morgan Park really supported it. I was the student council rep for my division,” said Dixon.

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Being a part of a community was always important for Dixon, as she loved working with others.

“All the teachers had an impact on me in some kind of way. It had a sense of community. I knew my teachers wanted me to be successful,” said Dixon.

Leading up to Dixon’s career field, she noted having a successful college experience at Loyola University Chicago.

“I majored in Communication Studies, and my minor was TV and Film Production when I graduated from Loyola,” said Dixon. “A year after graduation, I started working with this daytime talk show known as the Jenny Jones Show.”

Going down many different paths to find a suitable career, Dixon found teaching to be something that interests her.

“My teaching career started in CPS, after undergrad, I was a substitute teacher, it was my introduction to education,” said Dixon.

Experiencing different stages while committing to a career, Dixon felt a need to settle down.

“After a while, I got to a point where I felt like I wanted to commit to something,” said Dixon.“I knew I was going to commit to education, I was like okay I have to go back to school to be an official teacher.”

Racking up accomplishments left and right, Dixon finished her teaching degree.

“I successfully got all my teaching credentials and within that program, I was introduced to the Catholic school Frances Xavier Warde, so I can finish my teacher certification program as a student teacher,” said Dixon.

Bringing her experience in education to the table is very essential to Dixon as she is adapting to Jones.

“I was at Frances Xavier…for 10 years,” said Dixon. 

Dixon finds success in her job by helping students and promoting education.

“Being able to provide those opportunities and windows to students, I felt like it couldn’t just be contained within a classroom with my students. That is something that I plan to bring to Jones,” said Dixon.

  Elevating to newer positions went smoothly for Dixon as she established trust within the educational community.

“After teaching, I went into the DI (direct instruction) role for the school. It was an easy transition because I had the trust of our school community, and that’s important when you’re leading folks,” said Dixon. 

As Dixon is pushing for greatness, she believes in collaborative work so everyone feels accepted.

“We need that open mindset, being willing to learn about others, making environments feel more like a community is important so everyone can have a role to work,” said Dixon.

Emphasizing the importance of student and administration-based connections is important to Dixon.

“I definitely took that with me when I started in education, having those foundational relationships is very important,” said Dixon. 

 Dixon prioritizes building relationships with students and gaining their trust.

“I think it’s important that I get to sit down with students to hear you all’s experience and what things you would like to see happen in the school,” said Dixon.

Improving the school community is also a priority for Dixon.

“Looking at those structures and policies for students and staff that are currently in place and how we can improve those,” said Dixon.

  Dixon aims for community success within the Jones.

“I’m excited for us to have time together as a complete team to start flushing out plans and hearing from the students, staff, and parents,” said Dixon.

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