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Jones’ Spanish department travels to Spain
Graphic by Ramiyah Lee ’24

This spring break, the Jones Spanish Department plans to travel to Spain to gain rich cultural experiences and learn about the country’s vibrant history.

Students and chaperones will be traveling through Seville, Madrid, and Granada for ten days, exploring each city’s rich past, food, and Spanish heritage. 

“The trip is more than just teaching a language, it’s about cultural immersion. It’s gonna be about history, culture, and art,” said Marcos Gonzalez, one of the teacher chaperones for the trip. 

Students look forward to experiencing the cultural differences of a whole new continent for the first time.

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“I just want to see Europe. I really want to see the different types of architecture and cultural influences across Spain,” said Aimee Rodriguez ‘25.

Learning together also allows studentsgives students the opportunity to bond with each other throughout the trip.

“I think that travel is a great form of education,” said Francis Feeley, another chaperone. “Our students are going to listen and watch and see and learn on our tours. I am confident that they will gel and form a nice community.”

Students are excited to build these new friendships while abroad.

“I only really know one other person going on the trip, and I’m looking forward to making new friends within the group,” said Rodriguez. “It’ll be a great opportunity to hang out with different people and learn new things.”

Jones-led trips in past years have proven to be a success with students building connections and forming new friendships.

“Usually in the first few days, we get breakfast and everyone gets to know each other. Dynamics were great the last two times,” said Feeley.

Travelers are also getting the chance to experience cultural celebrations while visiting Spain.

“First we’re going to Seville, which is a city in the south of Spain, and it is blooming right now because of the long tradition of Holy Week. We are going to get there a few days before the Holy Week,” said Gonzalez.

Food is of course always a notable factor when traveling, especially anywhere in Europe.

“We walk so much every day that we are really are hungry for all three meals, and it is especially delicious when you’ve been exercising your mind and body all day,” said Feeley.

Jones has traveled to Spain twice before, but there are a few differences that make this time stand out.

“This year we have more students who have never been outside of the country. Many of them have never been to Europe,” said Gonzalez. “So I think it’s going to be more adventurous for some students who have less experience traveling.”

Each city Jones plans to visit features a unique itinerary of exciting activities.

“We’re going to spend four days visiting all the main monuments in Seville, there’s going to be a bike ride around the city, then we’re going to visit all the historic monuments of Granada and finish in Madrid to visit the museums and see the culture,” said Gonzalez.

Students still need to take measures to prepare for the European experience.

“We are going to use public transportation and there could be some challenges because students might complain about all the walking, so it’s a tiring trip,” said Gonzalez. “We’ll compensate with the amazing food.”

Students also wonder how they can compare these new experiences to their current situation living in Chicago.

“The architecture is especially different. Chicago is so modern, so I’m excited to see ornate buildings like the ones in Europe,” said Rodriguez.

Gonzalez, who is from Granada, especially looks forward to sharing his heritage with students.

“I’m very proud to show them my own country and my culture, including my own city,” said Gonzalez.

Overall, this trip aims to bring students together and leave them with new experiences.

“That’s my main goal…to leave students touched by European culture and traditions,”said Gonzalez.

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