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New computer science track in the works

A new computer science track will be implemented next school year allowing increased exposure to accelerated courses. 

The new computer science (CS) track at Jones would be a three-year track encouraging students to take Exploring Computer Science or AP Computer Science Principles as a sophomore or during the summer. 

On top of other factors, graduation requirements can make it difficult to prioritize computer science courses. 

“Although students can currently take CS as a sophomore, it’s hard because of all of the other classes that they have to take in the first two years”, said Byant Jaramillo, an AP Computer Science teacher. “We’re hoping that by offering this track, more students are aware of the fact that they can take CS over the summer.”

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The new CS track aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore more advanced CS classes.

 “The goal is to try to get more students to take computer science as a sophomore so that they have the opportunity to take the college-level Data Structures and Algorithms class that we offer,” said Jaramillo. “We haven’t been able to get that many students in that class because students don’t take their first CS class until they’re a junior.” 

The Data Structures and Algorithms class is available to students as part of a partnership with the Illinois Institute of Technology. 

“We are working with counseling and the school currently to finalize plans,” said Cynthia Lilagan, an AP Computer Science teacher. “If you want to major in CS, it’s definitely worthwhile to be able to go through the progression and take AP Computer Science Principles and Data Structures.”

Upon hearing about this new track, students echo the benefits from taking advantage of this opportunity.  

“It’s a great idea to offer these classes early on because it opens opportunities to take CSA, unlike seniors like me who didn’t have that option, ” said Isabella Diaz, a computer science TA. “It’ll also help people who aren’t familiar with computer science gain a better understanding and help decide if they want to pursue it in the future.”

Diaz notes the importance of possessing basic computer science skills outside of a school environment. 

“As a TA and seeing students pick up on it quickly, I think the more exposure the better,” said Diaz. “Computer science is essentially the future, we’re gonna keep relying on it in the growing job field.

With computer science becoming a popular growing field, the new CS track aims to prepare students for a future career in the field.

“Computer science is going to become a big part of the career field so exposing us now and getting us prepared for it is really going to help more kids be set up for the future,” said Diaz. 

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