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The “JCP Great Escape”

Security team caught over 60 students attempting to leave the building on Nov. 13

On Nov. 13, 2023, during AcLab, the security team caught more than 60 students attempting to leave school early.

Students skipping school has become a rampant issue within the walls of Jones College Prep, and the majority of school skippers would leave during AcLab. Due to this “Great Escape,” security measures have increased. Students have become fearful of getting caught and have been staying in school as a result.

“I was a victim. I didn’t even step out of the building. I opened the door and the [security guard] caught me right there,” said Alexandra Salgado ‘25, one of the many students caught by the security team and taken to the main office.  

The students sat down with the Dean Lopez to talk about why they decided to skip school and what the repercussions would be. 

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“The whole office ended up getting packed. We had to have lunch detention for two days,” said Salgado.

With the success of the Great Escape, students had differing opinions concerning the aftermath.

“[The Great Escape] was definitely something, that’s a lot of people to catch,” said Rosie Condron ‘25, impressed with the security team’s preventive efforts.

“I guess [the Great Escape] was good [at preventing students from leaving], but I feel like [admin] should implement more [security measures] so people don’t try to escape,” said Ellis Alexander ‘25. 

In the past year, various new policies were implemented at Jones concerning things from attendance to AcLab, and many of the new policies are not popular with students. 

“Some of the [new policies] are okay and some of them are a little restrictive like [policies concerning] AcLab and stuff,” said Condron.

The current Head of Security, Coach Ray, spoke to us about how the security team has struggled with enforcing rules in the past and why some rules have turned into policy.

“I think people [at Jones] need to start using their common sense more,” said Ray, fed up with students not following the most simple rules.

The security team has struggled with enforcing rules in the past, causing warnings to turn into policies.

“I’ve always done my job. I’ve always kept students out of hallways in certain areas. The thing is that [previous rules are] being implemented as policy, so there can be consequences behind it because we’re constantly asking the same thing,” said Ray.

Condron voiced some of her thoughts on why these policy changes have been put in place and the results of these policies within the student body.

“I understand why [admin changed policies], but I think students aren’t cool with these restrictive policies because it’s different then how it was before,” said Condron.

This new way of enforcing policy where breaking policy results in repercussions is not seen as “necessary for high schoolers” according to Ray, but it has come to this because students have continued to ignore the rule to not leave the school during school hours.

One member of the security team who will remain anonymous stated that they personally caught around 12 to 13 kids that day. 

“The Great Escape happens during every AcLab, it just has a name now. But that day was definitely up there,” said the security guard.

Downtown Chicago can be a very dangerous place, and it is important that the security team can protect students during school hours and a big part of protecting the students is preventing them from getting into dangerous situations in the first place.

“We probably saved somebody’s life that day, you don’t know. [Students] don’t know what they are walking out too,” said Ray.

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