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Ornament decoration fundraiser

The Jones SGA hosted a holiday decoration fundraiser, meant for spreading cheer and raising funds

The Jones Student Government Association (SGA) geared up for the holiday season with a holiday ornament decoration fundraiser. 

Scheduled for Dec. 12 during AcLab in the North cafeteria, the event aimed to bring the school community together while also raising funds for future student activities.

 “This activity is not centered around a specific holiday, it is just generally to celebrate the holiday season…the goal is to have some fun and create some spirit before finals week,” said SGA Representative Shannon Flanagan ‘26.

The goal for the fundraiser, according to SGA, was to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among the Jones student body.

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“The hope is that people come with their friends and decorate ornaments either by themselves or with friends with the intent to try and bring happiness and community into the Jones student body,” said sophomore Class President Kate Mattielo.

The event was open to all students at Jones College Prep, regardless of grade level. The SGA encouraged all students to attend and participate in the festivities.  

“The target audience is the entire school,” said Flanagan.    

Students will have the opportunity to purchase a variety of ornaments, selecting from an array of festive shapes and designs ensuring a personalized touch to their holiday creations.

“Students will be able to make their own ornaments and decorate them however they would like,” said Flanagan.

In addition to spreading holiday cheer, the SGA also plans on using the generated funds to contribute to the planning and execution of future events.

  “The funds will go to our class account, and be used in the future to plan more fun events  for our grade…we hope to use these funds to help save up for not only future fundraisers, but big junior-specific events next year,” said Flanagan. 

The money made from the fundraiser will help out the student government and allow it to prove crucial financial support for other significant events throughout the school year. 

“The funds are going to be for the SGA class of 2026’s bank account to raise money for things like homecoming or prom,” said Mattielo.

Ensuring a smooth and secure execution of the upcoming holiday ornament decoration fundraiser at Jones is a top priority for the SGA. 

“Security will be in their normal AcLab areas and making sure all students are safe…we don’t anticipate many challenges, we are just aiming for high attendance, so we are trying to spread news of our fundraiser to as many people as we can…we expect a good turnout for the decorating because our fall fundraiser was very popular and fun,” Flanagan said.     

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