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Landing a new job

Mr. Lopez leaves Jones for a better-suited job shortly after taking on a new role
Photo by Calvin Beckert ‘26

Pablo Lopez, director of culture and climate, plans to leave his role at Jones College Prep after the recent addition to his responsibilities he took as the dean of students.

Administrators will appoint a new person to take over both the role of dean and director of culture and climate after Lopez leaves permanently on Dec. 21, 2023.

“We’re just gonna fill that role with someone that is capable, and that also knows Jones students,” said Assistant Principal, Yvette Torres.

The loss of Lopez is one that admin expects to overcome, however, the loss is felt deeply by some administrators who will miss his presence in the front office.

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“It’s sad to see him go, just because it’s so sudden, and we’ve been through so much together already. It’s not just me and him, but him with the school, and trying to help us repair and grow,” said Torres.

Lopez’s search for a new job started before the school year, but he expected to stay with Jones until he received an offer over fall break.

“I was looking last year… I thought I was going to start a new job, maybe in September or over the summer,” said Lopez.

However, Lopez heeded the importance of seeing ill family members and making memories with his loved ones over the summer instead of seeking a new job.

“I was gone all summer making memories with my sister traveling. I just wanted to be with her, so I actually missed a lot of interviews… I didn’t follow through [on interviews] because to me what was more important at the time was my time with my sister,” said Lopez.

Students who worked with Lopez say that his loss is saddening, and have been reflecting on the work that the former director of culture and climate did to help them.

“I built a relationship with Mr. Lopez, which I will miss because he was very understanding and I think that he really cares about the kids, which I appreciate,” said Dorsa Kameli ‘24.

Lopez’s restorative and justice-based approach to his work was appreciated by students who worked with him.

“I think that Mr. Lopez cared about why students were doing what they were doing, instead of immediately punishing them,” said Kameli.

After making his decision to depart from Jones, Lopez was surprised by the support from students who will miss his presence going forward.

“I often think I wanna make a positive impact, but I don’t know how the impact is going… I find it amazing how after the fact how many students have come to me to say that they’re sad to see me go, I guess I made more of an impact than I thought,” said Lopez.

The offer for Lopez came somewhat suddenly, but when he received it he knew that it would be a good fit for both the kids he would be working with and for himself.

“Over Thanksgiving break, I got an email… [the other principal interviewing] and I had a great conversation, virtually for a long while. By the end of it, I was very interested,” Lopez said. “It was so much closer to home, I felt like I was going to have these great connections with these young kids that I think really, really needed me.”

Lopez sends a message to all Jones students before he goes on his way to another opportunity.

“I believe so much in the Jones students and I know they’re going to thrive and do great,” said Lopez.

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