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Three in a row!

Boys Golf wins the Chicago Public League championship

Earlier this month, the Jones Boys Golf team won the city championship, for the third year in a row.

The win was influenced heavily by the Captain of the golf team, Nico Attlan ‘24, who was also the individual City champion. 

“We all came together at the right time and played well,” said Attlan.“As an individual, I came in first, but it really is a team sport so we couldn’t have represented Jones with the win if it wasn’t for my amazing teammates.”

The win culminated through the dedication of the players to the sport.

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“We really worked hard for the win, even though we were reigning champs,” said Attlan. “We had great coaching too, but almost everybody improved drastically from the start of the season and the win was only by a couple of strokes, so we really did prove that hard work pays off.”

Every Chicago Public School came together to compete for the first place trophy.. 

“We really did come close to Lane in the finals, but we pulled through,” said Anthony Garcia ‘24, an active player in the city championship game. “They were competing with us all season, and we fluctuated between beating them and losing, so I’m really grateful that we got to come home with the trophy at City because Lane Tech is a good team.” 

Teammate Aadi Rao ‘24 was another key component to the boys victory at City. 

“Lane Tech was the only team that really stood a chance at City, but the boys played their A games, so we clutched the victory. Lane was the only team on our radar at City, and all season honestly,” said Rao. 

The team was ecstatic to win City yet again, but were even more excited to beat their rivals, Lane Tech. 

“I did not perform well at City, I really s*** the bed. But it didn’t matter, because I had teammates step up for me, like Nico, who played really well and made up the points that I gained for us,” said Garcia. 

Attlan was able to perform so well that his golf game was able to make up for some of the other players’ mistakes, assisting the team to their overall victory. 

“I played decently, but Nico definitely played the best. He won the city and was the number 1 player on our team. He showed up and showed out at City, he deserves that medal,” said Rao. 

The team was very nervous entering the tournament, but they were able to overcome their nerves and focus on their goals.

“Golf is a big mental sport, you know? It takes a lot of calmness and your game is totally ruined when you get frustrated. I think that I won because I was able to stay calm, even when I had a bad hit or a missed putt or something,” said Attlan. 

Attlan was able to stay calm, and thanks to his emotional control, he was able to win City individually while also helping his team win the championship tournament. 

“We definitely had a lot of nerves on the team. We were defending the City championship title and a lot of pressure was placed on us to win,” said Garcia. 

The team was nervous on the morning of their match, but they were able to calm their nerves quickly as Nico performed on the first hole. 

“That morning was beautiful, but everybody was nervous, you could tell. The team was a lot more focused and there was like no talking at all. But the nerves went away as we all played our game and watched as we slowly crept away from Lane to secure the win,” said Rao. 

The team spirit was high when the boys heard their names being called for the first place team in the city. Thanks to the help of Captain Nico Attlan, they were able to calm their nerves and play a great game of golf to end their season. 

“Overall, I’m very happy that we won city, I think we definitely deserved it,” said Attlan.

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