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Fall fundraiser spreads joy with pumpkin painting activity

The Jones College Prep Sophomore Student Government Association (SGA) hosted its fall fundraiser on Oct. 25, 2023, in the North Cafeteria. 

The fall fundraiser consisted of a pumpkin painting activity that allowed students to engage in fall spirit.

“During the activity, students paid between three to five dollars depending on the size of the pumpkin, which included the pumpkin and paint as well,” said Sophomore SGA President Kate Mattiello ‘26.

The supplies provided gave students the opportunity to customize their pumpkin exactly how they wanted.

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“They were tiny styrofoam pumpkins and we had different sizes: small, medium, large. We provided paint and brushes and then students could paint however they wanted,” said Sophomore SGA Treasurer Annika Chauhan ‘26.

The decision was made to host the pumpkin painting during one of the many student government meetings.

“We were discussing little fall fundraisers we could do to keep spirit up. It’s kind of a long time until we have a break or something that is spirited,” said Sophomore SGA Vice President Shannon Flannagan ‘26. “We wanted a creative new way to celebrate Halloween.”

Student interest and participation also went into the decision-making process.

“We were able to narrow down our list of potential fundraisers, and used the entire council’s knowledge to help us decide which fundraiser would connect with the most students,” said Mattiello.

The government took into consideration price along with student interest when deciding the event. 

“It seemed like students would want to do it, and it was the most cost effective option,” said Sophomore SGA Representative Rory Anderson ‘26.

The profit earned from the fundraiser will go towards a variety of class activities for the next coming years.

“The event was to raise money for our class fund so that we have more money to use for bigger events in the future,” said Flannagan. “Eventually all the money that we save up will be put towards our junior/senior prom.”

Student excitement skyrocketed at the event compared to previous years.

“It seemed like people were having a lot of fun. The event was pretty popular,” said Flannagan. “We fully sold out of pumpkins, and everyone was just there with their friends having a good time.”

Though the event was a success, multiple students expressed disappointment by the lack of pumpkins.

“I’d like to see a bigger space and more pumpkins if they host this again because I know a lot more people would’ve participated,” said Alison Becker ‘26.

However, the student government leaders were able to save the event by providing other activities for participants.

“Overall, I think the fundraiser went very well, but we did sell out of pumpkins right after the fundraiser started,” said Mattiello. “We had to alter our fundraiser accordingly and provide candy and other snacks, since we wanted to still be able to have fun and build community in our school.”

Despite this mishap, students still enjoyed the event as they appreciated the quality.
“Painting the pumpkins was really fun. I thought it was really well done, and also really well organized,” said Olivia Dorfman ‘26.

The student government leaders noted the engagement and interest of the students, which caused the idea of the event recurring.

“All our tables were full and it was a great way to build community within the school,” said Chauhan. “Since it went well, we might do it again next year, or at least something similar to it.”

The sophomore student government hopes for more opportunities to grow and improve at their work in the future, while continuing to be successful.

“This event was a big success. We are still learning, and I think that there is always more to improve on,” said Mattiello. 

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