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Jones juniors take the PSAT online for the first time

 The PSAT/SAT is officially digital for the 2024 season and this change influenced mixed thoughts by students. On Oct. 17, the juniors were the first class to take the PSAT digitally, 

When the testing procedure was adjusted by College Board, students were given an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the digital SAT testing beforehand. 

“I personally feel like it was better than the paper test because it had shorter passages for the reading section and I just thought it was easier to do,”  said Imani Henson ‘25.

While the digital test appears more manageable for some students, others wished they had an input on the change.

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“I feel like we should have a say since it’s our test, but I don’t really mind the decisions being made. The computers are fine,” said Henson.

If students had a choice to pick between paper and digital, some thought digital would be better.

“I would say online because I feel like it was just easier compared to the paper,” said Henson. “It was easier to pay attention to,” said Henson.

Most students mentioned that they like the new testing method when it comes to certain strengths of the 

“I enjoyed how it seemed more fast-paced, it was really well put together in an organized way,” said Armahn Moorman ‘25. “I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of flipping through pages.”

The biggest difference between paper and digital tests was the writing and reading where some students noted that they felt the digital version wouldn’t prepare them for 

“I mean the computer test was easy for us students, but it could be a test to see how well the scores go up or even dumbing down the test a bit,” said Moorman. 

Although the digital test received good results there may still be some doubters. 

“I feel I would have to take the online version again just to see what I’m actually up against because we’ve been so used to taking tests on paper,” said Moorman.

As the junior class seemingly had an overall good experience with the digital PSAT, seniors who took both PSAT and SAT tests in the previous years feel differently about the change.     

“My experience with the PSAT and SAT was pretty good, we took them in the classroom so it was kind of a less intense environment, and we took them on paper which I thought was okay,” said Nina Mwanga ‘24.

Students distinguish certain parts of the test rather than what they considered “unnecessary”. 

“I distinctly remember for the essay portion, a lot of people didn’t take it seriously, because we knew colleges didn’t value it as much or it wasn’t like an important part of the process,” said Mwanga.

Students regretted filling out the essay section since it didn’t necessarily count towards the score.

“A lot of people just kind of scribbled on it. I took the time to write it, but afterward I did realize that it was a waste of my time, honestly,” said Mwanga.

With the PSAT/SAT both on paper for the previous years, students wished they could’ve had the opportunity to do it online.

“I definitely would have preferred doing the test online because it provides a lot more flexibility for students. I think it’s just easier and quicker to type, especially for students who have accommodations,” said Mwanga.

Some students believe that this change was long anticipated. 

“I definitely think this should have been brought up a long time ago, I think the College Board probably had the capability to do it digitally,” said Mwanga.

Other students argue that this change could lead to a difference in scores between those who took the paper test in previous years versus the digital test.

“It might have created a bit of a disadvantage for the year of 2024 and prior, I think it’s just going to be a lot easier for them but I appreciate that they did make that switch,” said Mwanga.

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