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New, lively library

Librarian Mr. Feeley kick-starts this school year by implementing new library rules
Photo Credit to Alma Marshall 24
Photo Credit to Alma Marshall ’24

To the delight of many students, the start of the school year came with new guidelines and expectations of a vibrant library.

“It used to be that you couldn’t eat anything in the library, ever,” said school librarian, Mr. Feeley. “Now, in this new world, we’re moving into little dry snacks. And as far as beverages, anything that’s covered is fine.”

Along with updated food rules, the library also is no longer considered a quiet space. 

“We want it to be full and lively and a good place to study, interact, and work on projects,” said Feeley.

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In previous years, students remained unaware of the library rules.

“I actually didn’t know we are now allowed to eat and drink in the library,” said Arlette Hernandez ‘24. “I always just assumed we weren’t allowed to for the sake of keeping the library mess free.”

With no official capacity, Feeley made adjustments to the rules in order to make the library fair and safer for students.  

“We let folks in in groups of about 20 to 25, take a minute to breathe, let them settle, and then let another 25 or so in until we’re full,” said Feeley, “If there’s a whole bunch of kids waiting, we just ask them to go elsewhere in the building.”

Feeley wants the student body to know about library rules this year so that they are able to take advantage of them. 

“There was a huge disconnect between what was on paper and what was happening. I want to have integrity with my words and with my students and it didn’t feel good to have that disconnect,” said Feeley.  

Students themselves are able to envision these changes helping the Jones community.

“I think more and more students will be willing to spend their free time in the library considering they can bring snacks and be able to hangout with their friends,” said Hernandez.

The library now aims for a collaborative space and many students are in support. 

“Now, the library gives us a lot of opportunities for social connection, especially during AcLab,” said Andres Alfaro ‘25. 

Compared to last year, students should see a distinct difference in the library’s vibe. 

“The library before used to be a little more intimidating because it was really quiet and you didn’t want to stand out amongst others who were in there,” said Hernandez. “But recently, it appears to be more welcoming.”

Allowing students to drink a variety of beverages and eat snacks, with some exceptions, makes the library more popular. 

“Last year I never really went to the library but this year I’ve been going there a lot more,” said Ivonne Munoz ‘25. “I like that I can bring my Starbucks drinks without a hassle.”

While the new rules improve the library’s environment, it still remains a crowded space, especially during AcLab.

“I believe that this year the library has gained popularity very fast and I’ve seen a lot of freshmen rushing to the library,” said Alfaro. “They’ve even made it difficult for me to get to the library.”

Along with the positive feedback comes some confusion from students.

“I’ve spent a lot more time in the library because of the AcLab changes this year,” said Munoz. “I love the library but Mr. Feeley got mad at me once for eating fries, which I considered a snack.”

A changing environment can take time for everyone to get used to.

“It’s going pretty well, but there’s some room for improvement,” said Feeley. “There’s some folks who are taking it to extremes and when I happen to come upon them I just invite them to go to the balcony or back to the cafeteria.”

This coming school year, both students and administration hope that they can collaborate in order to unite on library policies. 

“I want to be at peace with the students, I want them to know that I’m here to support them, I’m not here to hassle them about their food,” said Feeley. 

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