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Chicago South hockey team fosters a strong sense of community
Photo credit to Vanda Berman

The Chicago South hockey team, a combination of four schools across the Chicago area, including Jones, can be observed beginning their 2023- 2024 season.

Chicago South has created a tight-knit community for students from all over the city to unite over the sport of hockey.

“It’s great playing for Chicago South because I get to meet new people and play with people from all over Chicago,” said player Ian Karas ‘25. “I never would have met them if we didn’t play hockey together.”

The fact that the team is on the smaller side has helped create stronger unity amongst the players.

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“My favorite part about the hockey team is the community we’ve built and the friendships I’ve made,” said player Michael Lane ‘25. “Because we have such a small team I’ve gotten to know every person really well. I don’t know if that would be possible on a larger team.”

Not only has the smaller size of the group helped the students to become closer with one another, but also improved their communication while on the ice.

“With a small team you really get to know how every single person plays. What they like, what they don’t like, and how they move. I think this definitely benefits us,” said Lane.

Playing for a team like Chicago South has also benefited the team members outside the game.

“Playing on a team with people from different schools has taught me teamwork, how to build relationships with others, and leadership skills,” said player Angelo Talamonti ‘25.

Although playing on such a varied team has helped the players while on the ice, this can lead to issues during the offseason.

“Sometimes it’s hard to stay in touch with my teammates who go to different schools in the offseason,” said Lane. “I still try my best to talk to them, but we lose touch.”

The team may struggle to stay in touch while not actively playing, but during the season they have great communication with one another and a strong bond.

“We all talk in the locker room together before games and help each other get in the right headspace,” said Karas. “It’s a really great environment.”

The team’s atmosphere would not be the same without its wide variety of players.

“A lot of the people on our team with the most energy are from schools other than Jones, which helps us prepare for games,” said Talamonti.

Playing a team sport has helped the players to forge friendships with students who share their same interests.

“I’ve always loved hockey, I’ve been playing since I was four years old. I wanted to continue my love and passion for the game on a high school level, and I know my teammates feel the same way,” said Lane.

Along with their love for hockey, the team is also united by their appreciation for the rink they play at.

“It’s inspirational to practice at the same place National Hockey League stars do. It’s really cool that I’m out there on the same rink as some of these superstars,” said Lane.

Other players also note their appreciation for the pristine condition of the Fifth Third rink.

“It’s really nice playing at Fifth Third. The ice is always clean and there are lots of amenities. Overall it’s just a great rink and the team loves it,” said Talamonti. “We’re even lucky enough to have our offseason there.”

Chicago South stands out as a remarkable sports team due to the strong sense of community it has fostered among students from a variety of schools and backgrounds, providing an opportunity for players to connect with students from all across the city.

“The Chicago South environment is special. I’ve bonded with people from a bunch of different Chicago areas,” said Karas.

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