School’s out for the summer

As summer break is nearing, so are summer programs


As summer break quickly approaches, Jones students are becoming increasingly excited about their upcoming summer programs.

Summer programs are a great opportunity for students to pursue their interests outside of school.

“I’m excited for my medical internship this summer because it has multiple clinics, including a nurses’ clinic and an operating room,” said Zuri Belcore ‘25.

For those looking to hone their studies in on specific subject matters, summer classes and internships are a great way to go.

“There aren’t any doctors in school and this is a hands-on experience so it’s really unique and exciting. Everything the internship has is set up so the students can learn, which is a more specific medical education than what Jones offers,” said Belcore.

Summer programs can also help students decide their future career paths and learn more about professions they are interested in.

“I’m interested in becoming an [emergency room] doctor so it is really exciting to be able to shadow one and learn what they do,” said Belcore. “I get to see if this is really what I want to spend the rest of my life doing and actually experience what it will be like.”

Not only can summer courses guide students toward a potential career path, but they can also prepare high schoolers for classes they will be taking the following school year.

“I’m going to use what I learn in Paris in the future because I plan on taking AP French,” said Maggie Knox ‘25 who will be attending the Council on International Educational Experience’s (CIEE) language immersion program in Paris this summer. “I want to improve my French speaking skills for higher level classes and the best way to do that is to immerse myself.”

While well-known organizations such as CIEE offer immersive opportunities for the summertime, these programs are often quite expensive. However, scholarships were offered to Jones students. More moderately priced courses can be found that still provide an equally sufficient and enjoyable education.

“I plan on going to Chicago Debates Summer Institute (CDSI) this summer which is way cheaper than other camps like the University of Michigan’s,” said Elise Youngquist ‘26. “It may not cost as much, but I’m still really excited about it and I think I will learn a lot.”

Jones faculty highly encourages their students to attend summer programs in their areas of interest.

“I definitely want debaters to attend CDSI. When I went to camp the summer before my senior year I learned a lot and had lots of fun,” said Jones Debate Coach, Mawuli Agbefe.

Students and staff alike are looking forward to the summer and the potential it holds for individuals wanting to focus on their academics and passions outside of the school year.

“I’m really excited,” said Knox about her upcoming language immersion program. “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and really helpful.”