On the rise

Logan Fernandez tops list of Illinois outfielders for class of 2026


DEDICATION: Fernandez at an elite baseball showcase

On Tuesday, Feb. 14, Perfect Game, one of the top baseball scouting networks, named Jones baseball player Logan Fernandez ‘26 the best outfielder in Illinois for his class. 

Perfect Game gathers intel from scouts, showcases, and coaches to create rankings on the state and national level. 

“It felt good [to be ranked] because I finally got recognized for all my hard work,” said Fernandez. 

Though he doesn’t hold a lot of experience on the Jones team, Fernandez’s grit presents itself through previous years of training. 

“Logan plays for a select travel organization. Usually with those organizations, you play a lot over the summertime,” said baseball assistant coach Michael Strok. “But most importantly, over the winter, they have indoor facilities that you continue practicing at.” 

Fernandez’s intense practicing may help propel him towards his goals, but it also poses challenges for the young player.

“I train six or seven [days] out of the seven days of the week. I put in a lot of work and that comes with a lot of sacrifices,” said Fernandez. 

Both practice and natural talent aided Fernandez to this point in his career. 

 “My speed is my greatest strength. You can’t teach speed. I was just born with it. I’m quick with my feet and quick with my hands,” said Fernandez. 

Players hope the Jones team will benefit from Fernandez’s skill. 

“I think he could bring a lot to the table. We need a little more offense, and being ranked number one, I know he can do that,” said teammate Michael Hein ‘25. 

Before Fernandez can begin contributing, however, he must accomplish the challenging task of making the varsity level team. 

“We’ve only had one freshman in the last six years make the varsity team, but he’s definitely talented and we will see what [tryouts] bring,” said Strok. 

The freshman remains unfazed by these difficult odds and looks forward to showing his worth to the coaching staff. 

“I’m always trying to prove myself. I’m always trying to strive for greatness and be the best I can,” said Fernandez. 

Fernandez’s aspirations stretch years into his future where he hopes to play at a collegiate level.

“It’s every kid’s dream to play Division I college sports. Of course I want to play in college,” said Fernandez. 

The Jones Baseball Program holds complete confidence that they carry the ability to set Fernandez up for success. 

“I know for sure the program can help [Logan achieve his goals]. We have a lot of connections with collegiate coaches. The coaching staff is good, it’s knowledgeable. He’ll be able to learn,” said Strok.

Along with picking up valuable information from his coaches, Fernandez hopes to lean on his older teammates for growth and guidance. 

“I’m hoping all the seniors and upperclassmen can teach me their part of the game. They have more experience as baseball players,” said Fernandez. “I hope they can keep me under their wing and show me stuff that none of the freshmen on my travel team can.” 

Although he certainly wants to develop individually, Fernandez prioritizes the team’s interests first. 

“I want to be the life of the team and bring everyone up by being positive and playing my game,” said Fernandez. 

The team hopes for a successful season with the help of Fernandez as well as a productive shared mindset. 

“Although we do have a lot of key players, I think the team’s attitude, perseverance, and the way we back each other up is really what’s going to be key this season,” said Hein.