Hustling with heart

Girls basketball plays with spirit to honor their seniors

The Jones girls basketball team battled hard during their Senior Night on Jan. 28, despite a 53-38 loss to Simeon. 

“The biggest highlight of today’s game was everybody’s hustle. Despite the score, I think this was the best game we’ve played this entire season,” said Malia Harrington ‘23. 

Harrington and Amari Summers ‘23, the other senior on the team, contributed greatly to the team’s grit at Friday’s game. 

“Amari played with a ton of intensity, rebounded extremely well, and ran the floor extremely hard,” said head coach Nicholas Teich. “Malia shot it well, handled the ball well, and also played with a lot of intensity.”

Along with their physical skills, the seniors also elevated the team through their unwavering enthusiasm.

“I think Malia and Amari both bring a lot of energy to the team. Whether they’re on the court or off the court, they always bring the cheer and are there for everyone,” said teammate Kylynn White ‘25. 

Sentiments expressed by White and other players brightened the game for the seniors. 

“It felt great [to be honored], especially because I sat out last year. To see everyone come out and support me despite that just felt really good,” said Harrington.

Support from friends, family and teammates created a vibrant mood in the Eagles’ Nest. 

“It was a very positive atmosphere. Everybody was just excited to be here for Senior Night. The team was ready to play,” said spectator and former player Mia McRoberts ‘23. 

The team hopes to carry momentum from their energetic night into the final games of the season. 

“I’m hoping to get some more wins and just enjoy the last few games I have with these people. I might not see some of them again, so I just want to enjoy the time I have,” said Harrington. 

Although players are looking to enjoy themselves in this final stretch, playoff success still remains the team’s main goal. 

“We hope to get a couple wins in the Chicago Public Tournament and hopefully advance to at least the sectional final in the State Tournament,” said Teich. 

Following the conclusion of the 2022-23 season, coaches will turn to younger players to fill the shoes of the seniors. 

“I’m hoping Nyla Griffin continues to grow as a leader and continues to bring that positive energy. I’m looking for Triseana Williams to do the same as well,” said Teich. 

Though the outcome of the game didn’t shape up as players hoped, they still considered the night a great success. 

“We’ve had a bit of a rough season, [but] tonight, we really came together,” said Rachel Schettler ‘24. “It was such a happy moment.”


Video courtesy of Meghan Cuddy, Sadie Barash and Norah Hendrickson