Movie review: Spirited

“Spirited,” a 2022 take on Charles Dickens’ famous classic, “A Christmas Carol,” was supposed to be filled with catchy musical numbers and peak comedy. Unfortunately, despite the beautiful cast of Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, and Octavia Spencer, the movie did not meet expectations. The film follows the ghosts of Christmas’ past, present, and yet-to-come as they try to improve the irredeemable soul of Clint Briggs, played by Ryan Reynolds. Compared to many older holiday classics, the movie did not contain a sweet balance of heartwarming magic and comedy. With 37 minutes of the film devoted to song, the plot was basically unexistent. To see a swing-and-miss movie this holiday season, watch “Spirited:” another failed remake of a Christmas classic.



Holiday Spirit-★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆