Dancing to the top

Jones Dance Team chases big goals as they enter crucial competitions


COMMUNITY: Dancers smile together for a team photo

After performing well at their opening competitions of the season, the Jones Dance Team looks to achieve big goals as they compete in City Championships, Sectionals, State, and Nationals in the coming month. 

“The team is looking good. We’re stronger than ever, so we have our goals set really high,” said Coach Jazmyne Davis. 

Based on their past record and their strength this season, the team carries little doubt that they will head downstate again.

“We expect to repeat [State] because the team has made it there twice before,” said Captain Ashlyn Adamski ‘23. “I feel like knowing our capabilities, we expect ourselves to do that again and go further this time.”

After not making it to the final round of State last year, dancers seek redemption on the prized stage. 

“We want to get to the finals of State and place [in the] top five. Nationals is also big, so we want to make it to both days of that and be in the top ten,” said Captain Amanda Pineda ‘23. 

The team added the Dance Team Union Nationals to their schedule this year, sparking excitement and inspiration within the dancers. 

“I’m most looking forward to Nationals because that’s one of the biggest things I‘ve ever gotten to do in my life. I am very excited to take that big trip with my team and family,” said Captain Constanza Guzman ‘24. 

Coaches made the decision to add difficulty to this year’s routine to increase their competitiveness at Nationals and other competitions. 

“The routine this year is definitely harder. It’s a lot more technical, there [are] a lot more tricks, and it requires just a lot more technique,” said Coach Davis.

Dancers are prepared to dedicate themselves to the team in order to nail the challenging choreography. 

“A lot of people on the team are willing to put in the work. We aren’t worried about people slacking off,” said Adamski. 

Though these may seem like the traits of seasoned veterans, the team is brimming with new members. 

“We have a pretty fresh team, but there’s a lot of excitement and motivation. Over half the team is either new members or freshmen,” said Adamski.

New members and veterans alike thrive off their tight bond with each other. 

“I think our biggest strength is our dynamic inside and outside of dance. I feel like we’re all really close, and you can see that on the dance floor,” said Pineda. 

Aside from their friendships, the team also benefits from a shared frame of mind this season. 

“We all have the same mindset this year, which sets us apart from previous years because, sometimes, not everyone has the dance experience,” said Davis. “This year, the team pretty much all came from a competitive background.” 

As dancers enter the most anticipated part of the season, they hope to put on a good show for the community around them. 

“I’m looking forward to making everybody that’s important to us proud,” said Guzman.