Christkindlmarket craze

The Christkindlmarket offers exciting holiday festivities


Row of booths inside the Christkindlmarket

Chicago’s beloved Christkindlmarket returns once again this year, drawing in as much attention and anticipation as ever. With finals looming around the corner, highschoolers all over Chicago are in desperate need of some holiday cheer. With the city at their disposal, the possibilities of where to find this spirit are endless. The Christkindlmarket has certainly stuck out as a great choice, with its unique indoor shops and outstanding display of German culture, and is undoubtedly a must- do for your bucket list this winter. 

Since it first opened in 1995, the Christkindlmarket has introduced a variety of cultures to Chicago, from South America to Europe. This year, the market is selling Slavic nesting dolls from Ukraine and hand painted glass ornaments from Ernstthal, Germany. The market also offers imported food and beverages from Germany, such as mulled beer and wine also known as Gulhrein along with authentic German cheese. The food that is available draws in large crowds of people and complimentary reviews online. Draped in garlands and warm lights, the food shops lining the inside of the Christkindlmarket are a sight to behold. 

Alongside its excellent menu, the Christkindlmarket also offers a variety of amenities and activities, from heated tents to ice skating at the Wrigleyville location. The extra festivities contribute an additional layer of entertainment for those attending the market. Ice skating is a classic wintertime endeavor, which is only made more exciting while surrounded by bountiful holiday spirit and cheer. Decked out with holiday decorations, the Alpine heated tents are a joyful way to escape the cold. The Christkindlmarket puts an exhilarating spin on already existing holiday traditions and necessities. 

The Christkindlmarket attracts a large crowd of tourists from all over the country looking for a place to celebrate the holidays. The influx of tourism around this festive season allows for many different people to experience our iconic city. Though this may lead to long lines and crowding, the Christkindlmarket’s fast-pace easily accommodates many people, always keeping them coming back for more. Despite COVID-19 causing declines in tourism for the past few years, the Christkindlmarket never fails to attract many to Chicago, resulting in an intermingling of folks from all over the country.

Another component of the Christkindlmarket that many look forward to every year is the overall holiday aesthetics and displays. Nothing screams Christmastime like the Christkindlmarket, and that’s part of what draws people back every year. From the glowy and elaborately cluttered little tents to the larger indoor shops to the tiny decorations and ornaments, this market is nothing short of charming and somehow every year finds a way to bring the Christmas spirit to Chicago. This striking and gorgeous outdoor market deserves its reputation and should be credited for emphasizing the holidays so much in the city.

The highly anticipated Christkindlmarket is always a festive way for people of all ages, including Jones students, to enjoy the holidays while also de-stressing from finals. The market is a fan-favorite for many, and is a perfect holiday activity local to Jones.