All tied up

The midterm elections pull to a close with a divided government

The midterm elections wrapped on Dec. 6, with the run-off in Georgia maintaining control of the Senate for the Democrats. The final count in the Senate is 48 Democrat seats and 49 Republican seats, plus independents Angus King and Bernie Sanders, who caucus with Democrats, and Kyrsten Sinema, who recently declared as an independent. Vice President Harris’ vote tips the scale firmly in favor of the Democrats. The final count in the House of Representatives is 213 Democrat seats and 221 Republican seats, switching control of the House from Democrat to Republican. Here’s where Illinois stands after the midterms, and where other major races ended up. 




Winner: Tammy Duckworth 

Incumbent: Yes

Party: Democrat


  • Keeping Illinois agricultural industry strong
  • Supporting gun control legislation, as well as prison and police reform
  • Improving access to public education, as well as quality secondary and post-secondary education
  • Cutting carbon emissions and creating green jobs
  • Increasing access to affordable healthcare
  • Authorizing increased military force in the war on terror


House of Representatives



Winner: Jonathan Jackson 

Party: Democrat 


  • Increasing business opportunities for communities of color
  • Increasing access to affordable housing
  • Improving public transportation and other infrastructure
  • Improving public education; increasing gun control legislation 



Winner: Jesús “Chuy” García

Party: Democrat


  • Increasing support for agricultural areas
  • Securing civil rights for all
  • Reforming the criminal justice system
  • Reducing student debt
  • Creating a green economy
  • Reforming the immigration system 



Winner: Mike Quigley 

Party: Democrat 


  • Creating a sustainable budget
  • Protecting reproductive rights
  • Supporting Chicagoans through economic struggles
  • Protecting civil rights
  • Increasing gun control legislation



Winner: Danny K. Davis

Party: Democrat 


  • Protecting civil rights
  • Increasing consumer and labor protections
  • Reforming the criminal justice system
  • Reforming health care 



Winner: J.B. Pritzker 

Party: Democrat 

Incumbent: Yes


  • Setting up a clean energy future
  • Expanding access to healthcare statewide
  • Reducing violence and increasing funding for mental health resources and suicide prevention programs
  • Strengthening downstate economies
  • Increasing access to mail-in voting
  • Ensuring schools are safe for trans, non-binary and gender-nonconforming students
  • Reforming criminal justice
  • Protecting abortion rights and access
  • Expanding early childcare financial aid 




State: Pennsylvania 

Winner: John Fetterman (D)


State: Georgia

Winner: Raphael Warnock (D)


State: Arizona

Winner: Mark Kelly (D) 


State: Nevada 

Winner: Catherine Cortez Masto (D) 


State: North Carolina 

Winner: Ted Budd (R)


State: Wisconsin 

Winner: Ron Johnson (R)


State: Ohio 

Winner: J.D. Vance (R)


State: New Hampshire 

Winner: Maggie Hassan (D) 


State: Florida 

Winner: Marco Rubio (R)


State: Colorado 

Winner: Michael Bennett (D)