Girls basketball preview

An interview with Head Coach Nick Teich


The following is an interview with girls basketball head coach Nick Teich about the upcoming girls basketball season, which started on Nov. 14 vs Bogan High School Bengals. 

Who are some notable players that graduated last year and how are you planning on replacing them?

Four seniors graduated last year, and they’re very difficult to replace in terms of a production standpoint, the leadership standpoint, and just a commitment standpoint. This year, we have a lot of underclassmen that are looking to fill those roles and are excited to do so. I have my eye on a couple different players that are projected to play a large amount of minutes and I’m hoping we can get the same type of production we can as we did last year. This year we have a sophomore guard named Nyla Griffin. She got some varsity minutes as a freshman, but projects to play a lot more this year as a sophomore. Kylynn White is also a sophomore guard, and Triseana Williams is a junior four or five [forward/center], and she got some minutes last year and is projected to play a large amount of minutes this year as well.

Are there any other players you are looking forward to impacting the team?

We’re happy to have Malia Harrington back. She did not play last year and the year prior. She’s going to be back this year as a senior. Her leadership and her intensity  is critical. 

Are there any crucial games that you’re looking forward to this season? 

We have Lane at home this year, and that is always a nice rivalry for us. We also play at Payton this year. Our Thanksgiving tournament will be at Hyde Park and that’s a fun one. We have good competition with some of the other teams in that [tournament] this year. And then towards the end of the year, I believe Morgan Park comes here as well, and that’s always been a nice rivalry for us as well.

Last year the girls basketball team finished 15-12. How are you planning on building on that this year?

We’re just looking to take it one game at a time and get better every single game. Last year we had a really challenging schedule and we finished 15-12 overall, but we were second in our conference in the city. This year, we’re just looking to build on last year’s success within our conference and try to win a couple more of those tight games in the non-conference schedule as well.

Is there going to be a change in the style of play or coaching from last year?

I would say in terms of style of play, I think we’ll be a little quicker this year. I think we’ll score a little bit more in transition. We’re looking to do a little bit more pressing in the full court where we put pressure on ball handlers. We’ve been focusing much more this year on some inbound plays and defensive stuff that we can do to help try to get us to turn defense into offense in that transition phase.

So is there going to be more of an explosive defense compared to last year?

I think it’s going to be a defense that will turn you over. We’re looking to create turnovers on defense and turn that into offense and full court transition.

Do you have any expectations for the team?

I think the sky’s the limit. I think at the beginning of the season this team is going to grow  quickly. I think that we’re going to take a few lumps and we’re going to hand a few out as well. By the time the CPS and state tournament roll around in early February, or late January, I think we’re going to be a tough team to play.