Dig deep, dig pink

Support for Dig Pink cause fuels school spirit


CELEBRATION Fans hold up a “1” before volleyball scored their set and match winning point of the contest

The girls volleyball team won the Dig Pink game, a fundraising event for breast cancer awareness, against Von Steuben on Sept. 29.

The student attendance at the game spoke to an increase in school spirit at Jones, according to players and attendees.

Students-athletes in the volleyball program came out to show their support, including freshman volleyball manager Niko Leal ‘26.

“We all came here to support them, JV and varsity,” said Leal. “[It’s] pretty exciting, the crowd [brought a lot of energy] to it, cheering everyone on.”

School spirit is on the rise, as reflected in the Dig Pink game, according to attendee Carolina Rondelli ‘23.

“I’ve [seen a change in school spirit],” said Rondelli. “More people go to games and actually follow the dress code. Everyone was wearing pink or had something on their face. It was nice.”

When it came to the game itself, the players were happy with their performance.

“It went really well, we played really well in the first set,” said Kylynn White ‘25. “It’s a really fun way to bring the school together… I also think it was a fun game to watch for the people who came.”
Those in the stands also enjoyed it, participating in the pink theme for the game.

“Dig Pink was a good experience,” said Rondelli. “It was very fun, there was a lot of spirit and we were singing songs along with the cheerleaders.”

School spirit from the crowd was notable to players like White, too.

“Last year we had little to no crowd at the games,” said White. “This is only my second year playing, but I think that the school spirit has really increased. From the Whitney game to this game, people have been showing up and actually wearing the themes we have for the game.”

The attention Dig Pink generated was especially impressive, since it supported a charitable cause.

“This was one of the most packed games we had. Everyone came out in pink and came to support,” said White. “I thought it was a good opportunity to both show the school how we play as a team and at the same time make money for cancer.” 

Students were moved by the volleyball team’s efforts to raise money for breast cancer. 

“I really like the idea that the volleyball team is supporting a good cause because I think it created a lot of money for cancer,” said Rondelli. “They also did it in a way that was fun…a bake sale and a game raises a lot of money without even realizing it.”

Head Coach Howard Hu also said the money raised by the event was positive.

“I think we have somewhere around $1500 in fundraised money,” said Hu. “We don’t have the final numbers yet, but I thought it was good.”

Players anticipate students will continue to support the volleyball team as a result of their performance.

“We have a few more [games left], the season is over in October,” said White. “I think since we did play really well more people want to come to the games.”