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Volleyball co-captain commits to college


Girls volleyball co-captain Lily Bechina ‘22 is going on to Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH to play Division III volleyball. 

Bechina had offers and interests to continue her academic and athletic career at a couple different division three colleges, but ultimately chose Ohio Wesleyan on Feb. 28. 

“I had quite a few Division III colleges reach out to me, and I was filtering through all of that by going on visits and doing research to find out what was best for me,” said Bechina. “I took a visit to [Ohio Wesleyan] and met all of the girls, and a few months later I took another visit and committed.”

Ohio Wesleyan stood out to Bechina because of the campus size and the unusual yet comfortable connection she made with her coaches. 

“It’s a beautiful and small campus, which I like because I can talk to my teachers and that helps me learn better,” said Bechina. “This coach was a little harder to read than the other [coaches I met]. I couldn’t really tell what she was thinking, but she was giving me my space to make my decision.”

The present head coach for the varsity boys volleyball team, Coach Howard Hu, has worked with Bechina over the span of high school career, and was excited to see how her hard work was paying off.

“I was the JV coach when she was on varsity [as a freshman], and I can tell you that she is a very good setter and very good player overall,” said Hu. “I was really happy for her, but for a player of her caliber I would be happy for her no matter what school she chose.”

Bechina’s long-time friend and co-captain, Mayle Kobets ‘22 expressed her excitement for Bechina. 

“I was so excited for her because she deserves it more than anybody else,” said Kobets. “[Ohio Wesleyan is] honestly so lucky to have her because she is such a great addition to any team with her great energy and team spirit.”

This year, outside of being a co-captain for her own team, Bechina has been the manager for the varsity boys volleyball team offering up her time and knowledge. 

“She goes above and beyond, takes stats for us, gives feedback to our players, and will have ideas on practices,” said Hu. “She’s just a good person to have around [because of how] positive and encouraging she is.”

This upcoming year will be interesting for Bechina as she takes on being a freshman in college and a collegiate athlete. However, Coach Hu still has high expectations for Bechina on and off the court.

“[I expect that] she will continue to be the great person she already is, and a great teammate,” said Hu. “I know she will be a great classmate and continue to carry herself in a highly regarded way. I don’t have a cap for her in terms of expectations.”