Jittery juniors

Juniors feel nervous about beginning college applications

As the school year begins to wrap up, juniors face the college application process with a combination of nervousness and excitement. 

Jones juniors are about to enter the college application process, and every student is at a different stage of their journey. Some, like Goodwin Lane ‘23, have already completed research on possible schools. 

“I have been thinking about college a lot. I have identified my top choice college and I know what I want to major in,” said Lane. “I haven’t started any part of the actual application process, though, aside from taking the SAT and ACT.” 

However, some juniors may opt to wait for summer break to begin contemplating college. 

“I feel like I have been so focused on my classes and what is going on in the moment that I don’t have the time to think about college,” said Sam Ortega ‘23. “I think I’m going to focus on applying during the summer when I have free time and I’m not that stressed.” 

No matter what stage 

students are in when it comes to thinking about postsecondary planning, many feel nervous about the college process as a whole. 

“I’m really nervous about the application process being around the corner, especially when it comes to the idea of making sure to fill everything out and turn it all in on time,” said Lane. “Then there’s added stress about my essay. It all just feels really stressful.”

Not only are submission logistics causing stress among some juniors, but the financial aspect of college is too. 

“There’s a worry of where I am going to get all this money to pay for college from,” said Ortega. 

For Ortega, that concern is also piled on top of contemplating life-altering decisions. 

“I don’t really feel prepared heading into the college application process because I don’t know where I want to go or what I want to do with my life,” said Ortega. 

Despite this common sentiment, other students say they do feel at least somewhat prepared heading into the process. 

“I feel somewhat prepared, as I do know a good portion of what the application is going to look like,” said Isaac Izaguirre ‘23. 

Even with some level of confidence, Izaguirre still feels wary of possible roadblocks he might encounter as a first-generation college applicant. 

“I’m expecting to get hit with an unexpected hurdle in the process,” said Izaguirre, “Especially because I don’t have anyone in my family who has gone through this process, and therefore they can’t tell me what to expect.” 

Lane believes a solution to these worries could be more guidance from the school.

“I would appreciate it if the counselors or the school provided a detailed list of exactly what forms we should be filling out, how we need to apply, and what information we’ll need,” said Lane. 

Even with his questions and concerns, Izaguirre is still looking forward to one part of the application process. 

“I’m most looking forward to the college visits,”  said Izaguirre. “Just being on a campus makes me think about the fact that college is going to be a really great experience.”

Most students are more excited than nervous about finishing their applications.

“Having all my college applications done and finished is what I’m excited for,” said Ortega. “After that, I just wait to see who will accept me.” 

After seeing the seniors wrap up their college application journey, some juniors remain faithful that they will make it to the other side.  

“I’m glad the seniors are finished with the entire application process, and seeing them makes me feel like I will be able to get through it and reminds me that this is not impossible,” said Lane.