EXCLUSIVE: Sit down with @jcp22decisions

Who really runs the account? Was it meant to be so foolish?


The account coined “@jcp22decisions” has become the newest trending Jones Instagram as of late. With each new batch of graduating seniors, someone is left to take the hefty job of posting each student’s college commitment.


Yet, although a normal yearly tradition at every school across America, this year’s page at Jones has been unlike any other. While most pages opt for senior portraits or a picture repping your new school’s logo and colors, the Jones page has offered a unique variety of images for each commitment. With some of the most awkward camera angles imaginable, this year’s Jones Decisions page has harnessed much more attention than normal.


On top of that, many students have pointed their attention to who runs the page. Yet, that remains a complete mystery. After sitting down for an interview with the owners of the account, I can confirm that there are indeed three people in charge. Who are they? All I can offer is one clue:


“Dark Handsome Guy”


Although there already had been a Jones commitment page in existence, the three mysterious owners still chose to create their own new account.


“So we knew about the other account,” said the owners. “We didn’t really like the other account. And so once we found out that they lost access to Instagram, we saw it as an opportunity.”


And so the opportunity blossomed. Almost immediately, it became clear that this account was here to stay. With its own contagious personality and humorous twists, @jcp22decisions immediately jumped out with a comedic start.


“We were together when we started it,” stated “Dark Handsome Guy.” “We were laughing when we realized that we could just post whatever we want.”


As to why the page has the comedic flavor, this is what the three had to say:


“I think that’s our personality. Plus, when we’re together, we just think we’re really funny.”


However, following two consecutive “joke posts” with the same student falsely committed to Bucknell and Stanford (for Gender Studies and Proctology respectively), the general trust of students toward the account began to wane.


“When we posted our first joke post – with [said student]- we got a ton of DM’s from other people trying to do joke posts, but we ignored them.”


In an attempt to enforce a more trusting relationship with their audience, the owners confirmed that all posts subsequent to the said student will in fact be real and 100 percent legitimate. 


“We figured if we do all of the joke posts that people send in, no one would send in their real one,” said the owners. “So then it would be pointless.”


Additionally, the “Dark Handsome Guy” solidified their stance on keeping a lighthearted tone with the account, saying they had no plans in sight of changing the way the account was run. 


“Someone even DM’d us once and asked us to take down the jokes,” said the owners. “We’ve gotten multiple DM’s about people asking us to use different formats for the post, but it’s just more fun this way.”


With no plans in sight to embrace a serious tone, the Jones community must decide if it will embrace the energy brought by this year’s latest JCP Commitments page. Take a go at trying to guess the owners of the account, and have fun trying. Remember… Dark Handsome Guy.