Hotspots or not-spots?

Jones students reveal their favorite AcLab spots

AcLab, considered to be the greatest period on a Jones student’s schedule, can be polarizing. The question of where to sit is an important aspect to the enjoyment of this period. 

Although many go to the new building for its architecture and social spots, some prefer the quiet of the old building. 

“It’s generally pretty quiet. It’s a good place to get work done. I went to the third floor of the new building once but it wasn’t worth it because it was crowded with kids from the library,” said Camilla Smith-Donald ‘22, who sits by the North auditorium.

Having ruled out the third floor as an AcLab option, Smith-Donald and her friends, including Levynn Chambers ‘22, chose to officially make the North auditorium area their spot. 

“This year we decided to stay by the North auditorium almost every AcLab because it’s just the best spot,” Chambers said.

Ava Diaz ‘24 and Evelyn Ronan ‘24 also sit near the North auditorium. They prefer the area for a multitude of reasons. 

“My AcLab is Tornow’s room, and I was not about to walk up all those stairs,” said Diaz. 

They also tried out the third floor of the new building, and did not like the noise that accompanied it. 

“We went to sleep in the library once, but we didn’t like it because it was too loud. We only like the noise when the people next to us in the old building are loud,” said Ronan. 

Unlike Smith-Donald and Chambers, Diaz and Ronan prefer the quiet for a different reason: so they can hear the latest gossip from passersby and nearby groups. 

“If you’re nosy, come here,” said Ronan, referring to her chosen area on the “fake second floor.” 

Unlike the second-floor sitters, Casey Kowalsky ‘22 and Lucy Webb ‘22 like to sit on the third floor of the new building. 

“It’s nice and relaxing, and you can look out the window. It’s just the best,” said Kowalsky. 

While many accuse the third floor of being the crowded spot,  Kowalsky and Webb argue that the fourth floor of the new building is far more crowded.

“Why would you go somewhere crowded when you can come to the third floor tables?” said Kowalsky. “The fourth floor is not fun. It’s claustrophobic and just disgusting. There are too many people. I don’t want to sit on top of people.” 

Avery Benderoff ‘25, however, likes the social aspect of the fourth floor. 

“It’s become the normal place to go for my friend group. I’m not quite sure it’s the best, but I just got used to sitting here,” said Benderoff. 

Before establishing her permanent AcLab spot, Benderoff roamed to find out where she fit best. 

“I’ve gone to other hallways, and I’ve been to the library. I went to the third floor hallway one time, and I’ve been to the second floor and the fifth floor,” said Benderoff. 

While most students spend AcLab socializing or working on homework independently, Julia Pattermann ‘22 prefers to stay in a space where she can seek out help from her teachers and peers.

“I’ve been coming to Ms. Bowman’s calculus room since the beginning of the year,” Pattermann said. “I like being in the classroom because I can get help with calculus, my hardest class, any time I need it.”

Pattermann has found a place that works for her, and like many others, is going to stick with it.

“I don’t think I’m going to leave Bowman’s room this year because I really like the environment and support.”