A hole controversy 

Suspicious-looking damage to the North building windows causes students to start talking  

*Interview names are anonymous to ensure the identity and safety of students 

After noticing holes in classes surrounding the courtyard, students heard different rumors about the cause of the accidents.

Some students thought that the damage was caused by rocks.
“It looked like someone threw rocks at them because of the cracks/shattering that was seen in the old building windows,” said Sarah Brown ‘23*.

Different theories have circulated around the origin of the holes.

“I heard a few rumors that someone in admin got mad at some students, went on a rampage, and started punching the glass,” said Jesse Vautier ‘23. “I would completely believe that happened.”

Some students think the damage may have been caused by something more dangerous. 

“It makes sense that they would be bullet holes, because both of those spots in the school are kind of exposed by the courtyard. It seems easy to shoot,” said Brown. “But I just don’t really understand why there would be any bullet holes in our school.” 

Students have drawn connections between the damaged windows and other events which have occurred near Jones.

“Crime appears to be on the rise near Jones,” said  Jane Doe ‘24*. “It makes me wonder what else is happening in this neighborhood that we don’t know about.”

The placement of the broken windows has also raised concerns among students.

“I thought that people might have been shooting inside the school, so walking around inside near those windows was a bit frightening,” said Brown 

Other students were more skeptical when they heard rumors.

“[The holes] kind of looked like gunshots but I know that’s not what it was,” said Vautier. “[Administration] definitely would have sent an email about that.” 

Many students wanted additional information from the administration.

“I feel like we at least deserve an answer as to what happened because if someone was shooting into our school, we should at least know,” said Rory Maxwell ‘23. 

Although many of the rumors circulating the school may have been false, only one was correct. 

“It was vandalism. Whoever did it picked up some large rocks that we have in the courtyard area, we mainly just have gravel out there but there were a few larger [rocks] about the size of a large egg and just heaved [the rocks] at the windows,” said Principal, Paul Joseph Powers.

Not only were the damages inconvenient, but fixing them was expensive, which was upsetting to administration.

“There were four [broken windows] on the cafeteria side and there was one on the second floor on the link. We have replaced all of them, but it was a big expense,” said Powers. “I was angry; angry that somebody would do that to the school and angry that we have to incur that kind of cost, which is money that could go to other things:”

Instead of drawing conclusions without all the facts, Powers encourages students to reach out with any questions. 

“If students have any information, or any thoughts, or they have questions about it, please come talk to me or talk to one of the other members of the school leadership,” said Powers. “We’d be happy to tell them what we know.”