Put a ring on it

New jewelry club at Jones exceeding expectations

Two Jones seniors have started a new jewelry club that is thriving, despite starting months into the school year. 

Dhara Kapadia ‘22 and Elise Koch ‘22 are the students who co-founded the club after finding a common interest in making jewelry. 

 “It was the middle of October. All the clubs had already started and one day Dhara and I were just sitting in our AcLab,” Koch said. “I said to her, ‘Oh! Dhara, your rings are so cute.’ And Dhara replied with, ‘Oh! Elise, I love your necklace.’ Then we thought, ‘What if we started a jewelry club?’”

Kapadia and Koch then held their first club meeting on Nov. 8. To their surprise, a large number of their classmates were interested. After a great turnout, they continued to hold meetings every Monday after school.  

“I thought there were going to be about five or six people. After we put flyers up there ended up being around 30 people in the Google Classroom,” Kapadia said “I did not think there’d be this many people interested. It’s really crazy.”

Both club presidents were stunned when they came to the realization that many of their peers were not only eager to join but also passionate to learn about and make jewelry. 

“I saw a lot of flyers for the club while walking throughout school. I love buying jewelry so I was interested in the club to begin with,” said jewelry club member Yaritzel Carrillo ‘24. 

In less than a month’s time, the jewelry club has already started collaborating with other Jones student clubs. 

“Even before our very first meeting another club, Choice For Change, approached us and asked if we wanted to work with them on a fundraiser,” Koch said.

Koch and Kapadia accepted Choice for Change’s fundraiser idea and are now working on planning it all out. 

“We partnered with the Choice for Change club, and in February there will be a women’s rights drive at school,” said Kapadia. “The school and student body can donate feminine products, etc. for the women’s shelter, but our job is to make jewelry to raise money,” 

The jewelry club is already preparing for this fundraiser by asking club members to make jewelry that they want to sell. All the proceeds will then be donated to a women’s shelter. 

“Starting this club has made me realize what a beginner I was in jewelry making,” said Koch. “I’m so excited to be able to learn so much from the people in the class.” 

Alongside their upcoming women’s rights fundraiser, the club is providing students with a safe and friendly environment.

“So far I have been to two meetings and it’s a really fun, open-minded, and creative space,” said Carrillo. “I would definitely recommend checking it out!”