Fit check

Students create instagram page showcasing outfits worn by the Jones community


*Indicates a name has been changed

The anonymous student lead instagram account @fitsof_jcp was created last month to showcase the outfits of Jones students and staff. 

After seeing Whitney Young’s instagram page, @wy.fits, the page runners decided to create their own version for Jones. 

“I saw the Fits of Whitney page and  how it brought the school together,” said Alex Alistar ‘23*. “I noticed how Lane Tech and Whitney have a really big sports community and since we don’t have that, I created this fits page, and it kind of brought a community together.” 

Throughout the school day, the page runners go around asking students and staff members if they can take pictures of their outfit.

“There’s no selective process, we primarily just want pictures of different students, ” said Betty Benson ‘23*. “We call it fits, but it’s more like a student life page.”

Many students enjoy being able to  see a variety of different outfits from their classmates and teachers. Some students say that this Instagram page has given a lot of people the opportunity to see the diversity of personalities and styles at Jones.

“It gives people a perspective on what others wear, ” said Mia Nevarez ‘24. “People are able to be appreciated for what they wear and what they put on themselves as a form of self expression.”

Getting to be featured on the page has also been described as a wholesome and cute experience for many students.

“I was featured two weeks ago,” said Amelia Harding ‘22. “I thought it was fun because I knew some people that were photographed, and I was hoping that I would be featured, and then I was. I was excited to look out for the post that I was in.”

@fitsof_jcp has brought unity to the Jones community; many students have created replica JCP accounts in response.

“We were the first real account of Jones College Prep that was kinda like that,” said Alistar. “Then we saw this JCP posture stuff and and just all these other school spirit accounts.”

Although there are similar accounts to @fitsof_jcp the owners feel like there is not a reason for there to be any rivalry.

“I realized that I like what Best Fits of Jones is doing now because they’re able to capture the fits that we don’t take pictures of,” said Benson.”They’re able to interact with more students and I feel like both pages bring people together.”

Students have expressed that they are excited to see the future of the account.

“I’ve seen that people still really enjoy it so we might grow the account,” said Alistar. “We’re thinking of doing a weekly theme and we’d do like thrift outfits or maybe Halloween costumes and kind of just building on top of what we already have.”