Dancing with the stars

SGA finalizes homecoming date and location


On Saturday, Oct. 9, the Jones Student Government Association (SGA) finalized and released details for the first in-person homecoming since schools closed in March 2020. The fear of COVID-19 has created mixed reactions among students. 

Following much anticipation, it has been announced that the homecoming dance for 2021 will be on Thursday, November 4th. 

“[Homecoming] will be in the South building,” said SGA President Zoe Weinstein ’22. “Underclassmen [will be] in the first two floors [and] upperclassmen in the gym and terrace where homecoming usually is.”

To many students’ excitement, the theme has also been released: Dancing Under the Stars. 

“We wanted a theme that would be pretty and look great for everyone attending,” said Weinstein.

For many high school students homecoming is an important social event. However, for some, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

“[Homecoming] is important in the sense that it builds community and connections,” said Marlene Rivera ’ 24. “But I don’t think people should focus on it so much where they lose track of what the actual purpose of homecoming is.”

Some students are excited to attend the dance, as it’s the first Homecoming since the transition from remote learning for many students.

“Homecoming is such a big thing in movies,” said Paulina Kugler ’24, “so when you go to high school you’re like ‘homecoming!’”  

However, some students feel hesitant to attend homecoming with COVID-19 still a looming threat.

“If everyone is not wearing their mask then that would definitely be a problem, and I would probably leave,” said Harmony Odunuyi ‘25. “I get that they want us to have the experience [of going to Homecoming]…but as long as everyone stays safe. That’s my main [concern].”

Some students also feel that masks should be worn throughout the event, but trust that Jones students will be responsible enough to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

“I’m not too worried…but I will definitely be wearing a mask and being safe and not touching anything,” said Alana Ortiz ‘25. “I don’t trust everyone, but I trust most Jones students to be aware [of spreading COVID-19].”

Other students share a different perspective, and are not as concerned about attending homecoming.

“I think near the end of the night people might end up taking their masks off, but otherwise I’m not worried since it doesn’t really happen day to day,” said Maya Germain ’23.

SGA has released the COVID-19 protocols that will be put in place for homecoming that mandates students wear their masks throughout the dance. 

“All attendees will be required to wear masks at all times while inside the school building,” said Weinstein.

Despite the difficulty of planning this year’s homecoming dance amid a pandemic, SGA was intent on organizing a fun event for Jones students after a year of remote learning.

“[SGA] really wants to put on a good homecoming for the student body!” said Weinstein.