Jones adapts to remote first quarter

A new school year kicks off in a very different way


Graphic by Fiona Kogan ’22

 Due to CPS’ ruling of remote learning to at least Nov. 5, students can’t be in-person while teachers can. And for new teachers and freshmen, their first year is completely different than it has ever been.

From having break out rooms to discuss with fellow classmates, to simply having small talk before class starts like any teacher would if school was in person. Teachers are doing whatever they can to make this year as normal as possible. It will take adjusting though. 

“ I think the most difficult aspect of online learning is learning to adapt to all of the online platforms,”said Avonlie Hong ‘24. “Between PearDeck, Flipgrid, Google Classroom, NearPod, etc., there are a lot of online applications to get comfortable using.” 

With so many new resources that students have never seen before, it is challenging to switch from one site to another and not expect any problems to occur.  Even for teachers, the sites are difficult to navigate. 

There are so many platforms to try and troubleshoot, it’s a delicate balance to develop new routines and keep things fresh,” explained new AP Government and AP Human Geography  teacher Kate Nelson. “It has been a challenge, but a good one.”

Not only have students and teachers experienced difficulties to manage the online sources, there also have been social troubles amidst out-of-school learning. 

 “It is very hard to make friends through online school, but through different social platforms we are able to connect in different ways,” said Hong. “It’s not ideal, but right now, the best and only way to meet other Jones students.”  

Some freshmen said not being able to meet people in person is a massive barrier to creating new relationships so without that, it is very tough. Students, though, said they have found benefits out of this format. 

 “I really enjoy the convenience of online learning,” said Avonlea. “I get to sleep a bit more, keep comfy clothes on, eat food whenever I want.  I enjoy the independence online learning gives me.”

Even though a lot of seniors want to enjoy their last year, some said they have not had a problem being stuck at home. 

“There are a lot of positives to being online including sleep. Commuting to school is different for every kid and forces some kids to wake up extra early just to get to school on time. Online learning eliminates that problem” said Edin Gjeka ‘21.