Firing on all cylinders

The girls hoops team defeats Bulls College Prep in home opener


In their home opener, the Girls Varsity Basketball team played great defense and blew out the Bulls College Prep team from start to finish. Even with early rebounding struggles, the team won by a commanding margin of 46 points.
“We had a lot more intensity out of the gate, both offensively and defensively,” said head coach Nicholas Teich. The team surged early and got out on a 16-2 run to open of the game. They finished the first quarter leading 22-3.
Despite winning by a large margin, the team had some struggles during the game.
“We were struggling to get defensive rebounds to start the game,” said Teich. “We made a mid game adjustment [of] being conscious of the fact that we weren’t boxing out.”
On the offensive side, “Charleen Necor [‘21] did a great job of commanding the offense, she’s had two good games in a row,” said Teich. “She is a sophomore that has really grown up in our program.”
The win was a full team effort.
“We definitely played as a team and had lots of offensive movement and passing,” said co-captain Chloe Kantowitz ‘20 . “We definitely played well together and had a good attitude.”
The team relied on some of its young players to bring energy to the court.
“Rebekah Robinson [‘21] came in and had some big minutes today for us,” said Teich. The key part of her performance, “was just knowing where the next pass was going to be, anticipating the ball, and getting up the court for easy points,” said Robinson.
To keep succeeding, “the most important thing we have is offensive execution and intensity on defense,” said Teich.