Victoria Gnat '17

Victoria Gnat ’17 and a client work on their kickboxing skills.

An average night for Victoria Gnat ‘17 involves motivating twelve people through punching and kicking, an activity that she regularly performs as a boxing coach and personal trainer at XSport Fitness.

Gnat became certified in personal training and weight loss management late last year.  She works at the XSport Fitness in Norridge, where she was a member for two years prior to becoming a trainer.

“I knew all the staff and they were always joking ‘once you turn eighteen, you’re going to be a trainer,’” said Gnat. “I was thinking about it in the back of my head and then started studying for the exams just in case. On my birthday, they texted me,  ‘we want you to work here’ so I took the exams and passed them.”

Gnat has fifteen clients, some of which she meets with multiple times a week. Gnat’s clients range in age from 27 to 55 years old, most of whom are women. Clients differ in goals: most want to lose weight, yet others want to increase mobility and flexibility.

“When I first meet my clients they are always so intimidated and so scared. I love getting to know them and becoming part of their lives. Once they see their progress, [it] makes me so happy,” said Gnat.

As a certified Elite X-It coach, Gnat teaches a boxing class twice a week, with around twelve participants in each class.

“[Gnat’s] boxing classes are always packed. She has one of the highest attendance and retention rates out of all X-It classes offered,” said Gnat’s coworker Kris.

Gnat’s popularity is not just among management, as her clients like her for the intense workouts that she provides.

“I’ve taken a few classes here and [Gnat’s] are the only ones where I burn more than 700 calories,” said one of Gnat’s boxing students Kayla.

Gnat’s schedule is as intense as her boxing class.  She works Monday through Saturday and often returns home late at night.

“I run home from school, change, go to work and come home at 11. It’s hard but I love it so it makes it easier. Usually I work out after my clients, so that’s why I get home so late,” said Gnat. “ I believe in practicing what you preach, so I’m obviously not going to tell other people to work out if I don’t work out, but I’m not complaining, I love it.”

Although Gnat is not pursuing a career in personal training, she hopes to continue positively impacting people’s lives in her future endeavors.

“It’s honestly one of the best jobs in the world. You actually get to change lives,” said Gnat.