No Experience Needed


Student mentors tell newcomers that auditions are based on attitude and skill while helping them perfect their pieces.

‘Amateur night’ could get a whole new connotation if theater director Brad Lyons’ hopes for the spring musical are realized. Lyons is making a plea for students with no Jones theater experience to try out for the classic 80’s musical Fame, about teenagers trying to make it in a performing arts high school.

“It’s about high school life in this school in New York in the 1980’s, and we’re looking for all types [of] beginners, singers, dancers, actors,” said Lyons, “If people want to get involved, or they always thought about auditioning, this is a good first show to do it”.

Lyons explains that the show is especially unique because many of the students will be able to connect with the characters since they are also high school students.

“It’s funny, and it’s dramatic, and I think students will relate to it a lot because it’s not just like the fun stuff, it’s the bad stuff we have to go through so it makes people feel not so alone,” said Lyons.

One of the main purposes of the show is to create a support system within the Theatre/Arts community at Jones.

“I was reading the script and at the beginning there is this one kid who can’t dance at all, but he still does what he can do, and everybody laughs, but everybody is not laughing at him, they’re laughing for him cause he’s entertaining everybody,” said theater student Sam Donnell ‘18, “He [Lyons] picked a great play for it, and I think it’s gonna be fun”

A workshop for people who are interested in auditioning was held Wednesday, January 11 in the South Auditorium.

“I think it’s awesome that people are coming in, because a lot of talented people are graduating, and it’s really great to grow the community. I don’t think it should be like a cliquey thing, that’s dumb because it’s about art,” said theater student Olive Jenkins ‘18.

The workshop is there for the veterans of Jones theater to mentor students who may not know what to expect from the audition process.

Auditions are planned to be held on January 17, 18, and 19 during ac-lab and after school in the Robin Bennett Theater.