Rap Queen

The rap scene at Jones hasn’t died in the five years or so since Chancelor Bennett ‘11, a.k.a. Chance the Rapper, graduated. Students are still spitting bars trying to make it out in the ‘rap game’.

Motivation is important in a competitive industry. Some rappers have family as motivation to be the next big break, whether it is to provide for them, or live up to a loved one’s dreams.

“My cousin got shot [and killed] so I’m living up to his dreams of being a rapper,” said Jordan Martin ‘17 who calls himself Young Jam.

This 6’4” basketball player has been rapping to continue his cousin’s legacy that ended prematurely. He is currently working on a new mixtape to add to his previous works like Foolin and his newest release Siri ft. KingRoc.

Most teens listen to music, but these Jones rappers make it their lives. It is a part of their daily routines to put on headphones and let loose.

“Music is a therapeutic thing for me. If I’m in a bad mood, listening to music is the only thing to get me motivated,” said Liam McGhie ‘17, who has been producing music, and just recently started rapping under the name Locke. “I started playing the guitar when I was six years old and started making rap music the beginning of last year. I wanted to create my own music, so I am going to college to study audio and music engineering to learn the mechanics.”

Recently, Nate Russell ‘17 has hosted after school events such as “Unwind” and “Fueled Up.” Here, students are able to witness open mic sessions for people who have a passion for rap and want to spread their words.

“I slowly moved into rapping because I have loved hip-hop since I was a kid,” said Russell.

Russell, or 30 (pronounced Three Zero), started his rap career as a poet. He was a part of a Slam Poetry team called Rebirth. He competed in Louder than a Bomb, and recently, he has begun to channel his poetic flow into rap as a hobby.

“I would love to have rapping as a career, but I am keeping things realistic if it is just an interest that I keep, but I am definitely working as hard as I can, and if people catch on, I will keep it as serious as possible,” said Russell.

You can find Young Jam’s music under ‘YoungJam’ on SoundCloud. His new mixtape will be released Dec. 16. 30 can be found on SoundCloud under the username ‘THREEZERO.’ You can find updates on his Twitter handle @30_nate. Locke and 30 are in a group together called Midwest Collect with a few other rappers and producers. That group can be found on SoundCloud under ‘MW COLLECT.’ This group just released a new single Basics on their account.