No Chance for Chance

Students weigh in on homecoming theme of Jones’ Magnificent Coloring Day

Nick Nelson ‘18

“I like Chance but Jones Homecomings I do not. Jones always finds a way to screw it up.”

Deyacco Kameli ‘18

“Jones tries so hard to back to the early days of having Chance and people think that is the only reason Jones is a big school, and I 100% disagree. Therefore the idea is not good.”

Thomas Sheppard ‘20

“He went to Jones so that will be cool to honor him by making him our theme. It is better than the other choices.”

Charlie Wagner ‘19

“I think it’s a little weird… I don’t like it really. I know he went to school here but it won’t really end up well.”

Sam Johnson ‘17

“I’m not really sure how it is going to play out as a theme. It’s just an album… I’m confused on how it is a theme. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know how it will work out at all.”

Chloe Rubinowicz ‘18

“I think it will be interesting if we can do it right, but if people can’t figure out costumes, I think it’s just going to look bad.”

Alex Koenigsberg ‘19

“I honestly don’t care what the theme is because I feel like the theme doesn’t really make the experience. Last year there was a theme and I don’t feel like it affected anything.”

Nicole Katzin ‘17

“I think it could have been better. I don’t think there is anything you can do with that theme, because what are you supposed to do? Wear a bunch of threes and dress up as crayons?”

Carly Klein ‘17

“I think it’s really basic. Yeah, Chance went to our school and the hype is there, but I feel like it takes away from how amazing of an artist he is.”

Gisele Anderson ‘20

“I think it’s cool since he went to Jones. I’m not really sure how to dress up for that, but I think it’s a cool idea.”