The Election of Evils

While some people are casting a vote in desperation I would chose not to cast one at all

The results of our poll surveying Jones students political interests.

Chloe Crookall '17

The results of our poll surveying Jones’ students political interests.

After watching the past few debates and following the election for what feels like forever, there is no question that both of the presidential candidates are the most unlikeable in history. Their disapproval ratings are astronomical compared to anyone in recent memory, as both candidates barely won the nomination, they have had to deal with very split parties. For Clinton, she represents the more moderate of the two candidates, while Donald Trump has left the GOP reeling after disregarding many traditional conservative values.

Last spring, when Trump first announced his candidacy, it was considered by many to be a joke. As it should be. America was founded on the ideals of equality and Trump is the exact opposite; he is abrasive, offensive, sexist, and racist. When I think about who I trust the least  with nuclear launch codes, Donald Trump is high on the list. His ideas on foreign policy make me scared for America’s safety. The main argument I hear from Trump supporters when asked how they rationalize that decision is that they know what kind of presidency Hillary would have based on her previous record in Washington. They would rather take the chance on change with an untested candidate like Trump. I’m not interested in testing the waters and risking the disaster he seems to be.

Hillary isn’t much better. While she has more experience and can hopefully be less of a threat, she is definitely not ideal for the presidency. There’s a reason she wasn’t the nominee in 2008: nobody  wants her to be president. Obviously there are some Clinton supporters out there, just like there are some people who actually support Trump, but overall she doesn’t have an avid fan base in the general public. While Clinton supporters claim people don’t like her because she is a woman, which may be true in some cases, people are definitely posing some legitimate concerns. When I say that she comes off as cold and calculating, I’m not saying that because I think all women should come off as cheerful and sugary; I’m saying it because that is actually the way she portrays herself.  If I say I think she’s manipulative, I’m not saying it because I don’t think women are capable of being president; I’m saying it because her previous actions have led me to think that she’s untrustworthy. I would love for the country to have a female president, but I wish it was one I could fully support.

Throughout the years, there have been many iconic presidents who did amazing things for the country, energized the American people, and garnered huge amounts of support. What all of these people had in common was their eloquence and ability to connect with the American people. Both Trump and Clinton are severely lacking in the humanity department. That’s why they are so easy to portray on Saturday Night Live; they’re already caricatures.

This election has turned into a squabble and has lost anything that resembles substance. I’d usually be upset that I’m not old enough to vote, but in this election, I’m not missing out on much. There is no shortage of successful, competent people in this country; why can’t we find one of them to elect into the Oval Office?