Will She Survive?

Math teacher applies for popular reality TV show

Survivor has been on for years, but next season Jones students might have a new reason to watch. Math teacher Sarah Rayski is in the process of applying to be the next million dollar winner of Survivor.

“She’s competitive in general,” said math teacher and colleague Kim Bowman.

Jessica Katzin ‘19, Rayski’s former student, said she thinks she is doing Survivor for a change, something fun to do outside of teaching. Rayski wants to challenge herself and thinks Survivor would be a good way to do that.

Having applied to the show twice before when she was about 23 years old, Rayski believes now is her time to make it on.

“I didn’t have a life story back then,” said Rayski, “but I do now.” Rayski said there was not a lot to talk about when she was younger. She said now, she’s a math teacher, a world traveler, and mother of two.

Rayski has watched Survivor since high school. She loves the outdoors and has even backpacked through mountains. Bowman thinks that it’s everything Rayski likes put into a show.

“She’s hard working, a people person and will go under [her competitors’] radars,” said Bowman, adding that Rayski will succeed because she has not met anybody who does not like her and will be able to play the social game.

Rayski believes there are many parts of the show she would succeed at.

“I think I would be really good at the challenges,” said Rayski. “As a math teacher I love doing mental puzzles so I think I would be good at the puzzles and I’m a relatively athletic person so I think I would be good at the physical challenges.” Rayski thinks she would be good at the social game as well and relating to people in order to form the needed alliances.

Rayski also believes she would be able to bring in a younger audience.

“So many people like her as a teacher and would make time to watch,” said Katzin.

Rayski has struggled with the idea of leaving her husband and two daughters, ages 3 and 5, for a long period of time but thinks it would be a great story to tell her kids when they get older. Rayski has already filmed her 3 minute introduction video with the help of Jones students. All that is left to do is fill out the online application, and wait for a callback.