Trumped Up, Ready to Go

In this crazy election, Trump would be the best option for the United States

Ulisses Regalado '17, Sports Staff

With a both fascinating and controversial election looming, Donald Trump has different qualities and ideas that make him a better candidate than Hillary Clinton.

One of Hillary Clinton’s main stances is her opposition to the Iraq war. She has previously mocked George W. Bush for sending the country to Iraq and fervently celebrated the announcement that American troops were to leave Iraq. However, as a United States Senator, Clinton voted in favor of the Iraqi surge. Not only did she vote for the invasion but she defended her vote for nearly a decade. This election year, Clinton attempted to take back that vote, calling it a “mistake,” and if she can’t stand by her votes in Congress how will she be able to stand with the American people as our president? Fact of the matter is, the invasion of Iraq led to the creation of ISIS, a deadly terrorist organization, and was a clear mistake that Clinton has responsibility for.

After losing to Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary, Clinton has unleashed a desperate campaign to appeal to the Latino voter. She frequently reminds everyone of her constant support for illegal immigration, but that support has really not been constant at all. Clinton lost the Latino vote in 2008 because she strongly opposed issuing driver licenses to illegals. Now, she blatantly takes the stage in 2016 as the savior of the immigrant population when she was really the enemy eight years ago. Border security has been an issue discussed by almost every candidate in the last four elections, and Trump has been consistent with his views on immigration and should really not pose a threat to the immigrant community.

Another example of the ridiculous flip flopping in Clinton’s political career is her support of the Second Amendment in 2008. Now, Clinton’s debates mainly consists of constant attacks on the right to bear arms. Trump has stood firmly beside his viewpoint of defending gun owners while Clinton turned her back on them eight years later in a sorry attempt to appeal to the left wing. It is hard to determine what Clinton’s actual viewpoints are, which would put the country in a dangerous position where there is no consistency in the laws passed.

During her current campaign she continues to talk about change, but she has been in the existing system for years and no change on her part has ever come. Her frequent tenure as Secretary of State led to the brutal deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. In her tenure in the Senate, her vote for the invasion of Iraq represented the deaths of 4,486 Americans. She is the definition of current politics which have led to recent disastrous events.

Trump has hit hard at the infamous North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA removed tariff barriers between Canada, Mexico and the United States. It has sent American jobs abroad, which has left many out of work. In 2014, there was a $181 billion U.S trade deficit and about 1 million jobs lost. While Clinton takes credit for a lot of policies made under Bill Clinton’s administration, she refuses to take credit for NAFTA, Trump promises a new economic boom with tax cuts and the elimination of NAFTA.

There are currently 52 taxes which most Americans pay, compared to the six taxes imposed during the American Revolution. In the last debate, Clinton promised that those who made $250,000 or less would not see an increase in taxes. A quarter of a million dollars for a tax bracket is quite large in that those who currently make $250,000 and $90,000 are grouped together. The remainder of the middle class face no change. Donald Trump, however, has created more tax brackets which tax those who currently make more in the nation. Trump supports a progressive tax, whereas Hillary claims to support a progressive tax which taxes the super wealthy but does not give the middle class any break, ultimately taking more funds from the American people.

The candidate that should be supported for the sake of the nation is Donald J. Trump. Although, a vote for Trump can be seen as voting for the lesser of two evils, it is actually voting for the candidate which aims to help the American people who have been misrepresented in politics for far too long. Trump is proof that if we truly care enough to create change in our nation, that we have the will to stand before the American people and do something other than fail them as politicians have in the past, then we have what it takes to be in contention for presidency.