I’m With Her

Her plan is best to improve the health, economic, and educational success for all Americans

This year’s presidential election has been one for the books. From email scandals to failure to pay federal taxes for almost two decades, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have made quite a shock that has created a gossip worthy election like no one has ever seen. The insults that have been traded have been hysterical. However, I have to remind myself these are your choices for president. In the end, one of these individuals will be the president and with this being my first year voting, I have a say. I have to choose a candidate and I believe that Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate for presidency and to lead our country in the right direction.

Hillary’s plan to end the drug war is the most logical one I’ve heard. She wants to decrease mass incarceration of drug offenders by opening more rehabilitation centers and guaranteeing each patient to the care they need. I have family members who are drug users and it hurts to see them become a part of the statistics. But what stood out to me in her plan, was her thought to create a prescription drug monitoring program that medical professionals have to go through before they can prescribe drugs. Why hasn’t this plan been in place already? It’s genius mainly because doctors in hospitals and drug programs contribute to the drug war by giving patients drugs that can worsen their conditions. Hillary’s plan can reduce the risk of patients being exposed to prescription drugs that is dangerous. This epidemic needs to end and she has the plan to do so.

Clinton is the leading candidate for improving the country’s economy and educational growth. She plans to raise the minimum wage to $15, reward companies that share their profits with their employees, and make college debt free. I am planning to attend college next year and I’m currently filling out college applications. I notice these tutitons rising and I wonder how am I going to avoid a lifetime of debt? With Clinton’s plan to make to college debt free, thousands of college and soon-to-be college students will no longer have to worry about the agony of paying for college post-graduation. Debt has been one of the biggest burdens for Jones seniors as we apply for college. The idea of debt free college can certainly make the college application process less stressful and students can look forward to college years even more. The minimum wage increase is a great opportunity to accumulate more income. Covering living expenses with only one source of income has become tough for some citizens because of our economy. However, with the increase in minimum wage, less citizens will have to work multiple jobs to gain a steady income to cover their living expenses. Companies that share profits they’ve gained with their employees increases the income for working people as well. It’s only fair that the workers that play a huge part in gaining revenue for a company reaps the benefits. Not only does Jones students have the opportunity to gain a higher income, but along with debt free college, students have an easier chance of paying for college because of Clinton’s proposal for economy, education and jobs. Clinton’s plan couldn’t have come at a better time.